1. GBL1

    We are Top Speed Pro 1

    Top Speed PRO 1 Performance Auto Accessories We offer performance parts for Import, European, and Domestic cars. In fact, we're the largest automotive performance parts manufacturer in TEXAS offering: * 2,000+ parts * 230+ different makes & models of cars we have parts for * LOCAL (Addison)...
  2. denali09

    Yukon electric exhaust cutout

    I was quoted 3 hours of labor to get this welded in and that seems a little long to me:? Is the shop yanking my chain? They said they would have to wire it in to the front seat somewhere and that would take a lot of time. I mean I could have them cut and weld it and wire it myself but if...
  3. WhiteMist97

    A Right Sound?

    I need help on Choosing what type of muffler/exhaust, should i put on my car!:? Is a 4 banger grand am 97, i don't want the weed eater sound! I was told to cut off the resonator and put a cherry bomb in its place, and a flowmaster super 44 muffler! spoused to give me a deep sound, put i"m not...
  4. S

    Acura RSX grinding noise when accelerating

    Hey everyone, Just picked up a 2003 Acura RSX Type S and there is a mild grinding noise when accelerating through the gears. It almost sounds like theres a bolt or screw rattling around in the exhaust. From what I can tell, it sounds like its coming from the front passenger's side. There is...