1. montysport94

    Radiator replacement for 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

    First of all..yes. This is a chick car and has no street appeal and it's slow as Sh!t. I know and fully understand that. I was just wondering if I did it myself what kind of problems I might face. Smart asses welcome....
  2. montysport94

    Hey! New Guy From Houston!

    Hello! My name is John. Even though I'm only 16, I've been a car enthusiast since birth. (sort of) :brow: Anyways I heard about you guys from my friend Hector (mega_h8). I did some filming for a car club he's involved in (Project M). Filming and editing are my main hobbies besides cars. My...
  3. Spitfire_Fox

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

    Have a titled TEXAS 97 Eclipse GS. Clean body. Rust free. Blue. Has aftermarket side skirts, rear and front (front isn't painted) No hood (it was sliced to fit a supercharger under the hood - I think i still have it if you would want it...?) GT Factory vertical doors. Lowered Suspension. The...
  4. D

    Newbie from York

    Newbie from York, PA Hey everyone, im new to the site so I figured I should Introduce myself and my ride. Im Drew and i drive a 1999 Eclipse RS. I did suspension and brake work on it first and have done some light engine mods on it. So here's a few pics, let me know what you think thanks!