1. J

    RKC Monday Night Mega Meet - 10/4/10 - 7pm-10pm

    CLICK THIS LINK. SHARE WITH FRIENDS. RSVP. BE THERE! This is was made possible from donations from RKC MEMBERS. Without you, this would be a fantasy instead of a reality... RKC Monday Night Mega Meet 10/4/10 Gateway Buick GMC...
  2. J

    Cars & Cafe' Minnesota - September 2010

    On the RKC Facebook Page - 127 Pics
  3. tekmoe

    Pics - Cars & Coffee - August 7th, 2010

    All of the pictures can be found here: Cars & Coffee Pictures
  4. J

    PICS: Cars & Coffee September 09

  5. fast98

    Used 2 post lift

    Perfect for someone looking for a storage solution in their garage or for someone looking to work on their own vehicle without jack stands and a jack. This is a Challanger 2 Plus lift with a 9000lbs capacity. It stands 14' tall but has 2' extensions on it that can be removed to clear 12'...