1. T

    2006 corvette parts car

    We have a 06 vette parts car ad is on craigslist list. If you nee any parts email me on my site.
  2. fatherturtle

    emma 97 what to do with a 3.8

    so ive got a 1997 camaro rs and of course everyone says lose the 6 and get a 8 buti like the 6 and am trying to find out what all i can do to it. ive got some ideas but im looking for suggestions. ive got to get all my pics downloaded but theyre coming soon. so tell me what you got thanx...
  3. J

    STOPTECH Big Brake System - For Camaro SS

    Got a special order in today from my friends at Stoptech. 14". 6 Piston. Custom made for my camaro. :cool: Once installed, this will be the first time a 6 Piston Big-Brake kit has been installed on a 4th gen Camaro. I am very excited. Thank you STOPTECH for the amazing...
  4. Reidonly

    Current Infiniti G35 / former LS1 owner from PA

    Hey everyone, my name is Reid and I am from Lancaster, PA. I currently drive a 2005 Infiniti G35 coupe 6MT with a few bolt-ons. I have previously owned a 2002 SOM LS1 Camaro 6-spd with lid & catback, and a 2000 Grand Prix GTP with a cam and a bunch of performance and appearance mods. I am...
  5. C

    My Camaro in a Calendar Photo Shoot !!

    Hello everyone, I was asked if my Camaro could be in a photo shoot for an upcoming Calendar. Here are a few pics that were taken this past Saturday. Enjoy
  6. dangerous_sep

    Chrome (4)four point roll cage - $300

    like the tittle says ive got a chrome four point bolt in roll cage that came out of my 1990 mustang coupe. was told its a universal cage but fit like a glove in my car. pretty clean im asking $300 OR BEST OFFER! give me a call if interested 469 222 3339 * might fit 95 up mustang coupes and...
  7. I

    Iroc-Z or 5.0 stang...biggest bang for the buck.

    I agrue with my friend who has a 5.0 mustang. My question is with car is cheaper to buy stock...and witch one has better mods available? thanks much
  8. zero9487

    New from DFW area

    To tell you all a little about me, I've been a gearhead all my life, ive spent more of my time building drag cars that my parents and i would bring to Kennedale Raceway in North Texas, instead of building street cars. Ive got a '91 Camaro RS that I plan on completely rebuilding when i get the...
  9. blacksmith

    F/S 1993 Camaro Z28

    the day is finally here. i've decided to let the Red Devil go. the specs: the good: stock LT1 with 177+ k miles 700r-4 truck transmission rebuilt in 2006 with corvette parts B&M shift kit CAI using Spectre brand filter recently serviced (tune up, new valve covers, differential fluid...
  10. SterlingGT

    might trade mustang for mustang.. or mustang for camaro.. thoughts?

    i have a 03 mustang gt w/ around 80k miles, needs some body work and the 3rd gear synchro is goin out in the manual tranny.. i dont drive it much so i could care less about fixing it, or doin anything to it.. i already did all of the boltons, and had it tuned w/ 3.73s in it.. and its got black...
  11. M

    Should GM build a LNF 4cyl Z/28?

    First read this: Well, after I read this on Camaro5, it got me thinking. What if GM built the Z/28 as a lightweight track car and utilized the LNF ecotec engine that was used in the Solstice GXP? Here would be the recipe, I think, for a solid car: 1. Use a tuned version of the LNF engine...
  12. J

    Kenwood KVT-614 - Installed in Camaro SS

    Just playing with the unit.
  13. D

    some f body parts

    hey guys i have a flowmaster exhaust set up that came off a 2001 camaro. it has dual 3 inch tips and sells for over 300 new. i took it off when i put headers on it and now i dont have any use for it. by the looks of it the system was not on the car for very long as it is in good shape. im asking...
  14. J

    Jared's Camaro SS Restoration Thread!

    Ok, so tomorrow begins my multi stage re-conditioning of my car. I went and got the estimate today and set up the appointment. Not going to be cheap, but the best work never is. Here is a break down of what my car is going to be getting in the next 90 days. I will be driving another car while...