1. Stangcrazygirl

    I removed some of the chrome and washed it today!

    :) I removed the chrome door handle covers and the chrome tail light trim and 3rd brake light trim. Now I just need to work on the mirror covers and grille. I did find out today that my fog lights have halo lights around them and they will turn on by themselves or with the fog lights also. Very...
  2. Stangcrazygirl

    Hey 05-09 GT owners! Question?

    I just bought a 05 GT 2 days ago. I dont know how to put this but.. when I pull it down or up to shift it in drive or park whatever it feels stiff when I pull on it. lol... Its a auto.. and I may just not be used to driving it yet or do they all feel kinda stiff when you put them into drive...