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  1. rileyrat

    TSX Hondata Reflash

    Hondata has proven too many times to count that they are the best tuning solution for 90% of the street driven Hondas/Acuras.
  2. rileyrat

    TSX Hondata Reflash

    That's about right to have someone do it for you. Hondata ships insured and it looks like so is the shop.
  3. rileyrat

    Woman has sex with 105 Men in a town... they pay for it... Zumba!

    It's always been a non factor to me. You shouldn't really care imo. Back in my party/bar days it never took more than a handful of dates anyhow so I can't imagine they kept the numbers low.
  4. rileyrat

    Sorry Ferrari, But Honda Beat You To The First Production 9,000 RPM Car

    Hmmm, Honda has been making 9,000rpm engines since 1965 at the least.
  5. rileyrat

    Are Egyptians americans considered black or white??

    This is horribly outdated. Science now uses haplotypes and haplogroups to describe where humans are from, how they got there and where they went on to. All men contain a Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroup while women only contain the mtDNA haplogroups...The interesting thing about these two groups is...
  6. rileyrat

    Anybody else annoyed by this Gangnam style

    K-pop is the most popular music in Asia, appealing to roughly two thirds of the world's population. Granted many of those large countries have massive amounts of population that cannot afford to buy it doesn't matter. If even 20% of the people in those areas buy it, you just sold it to more than...
  7. rileyrat

    Russian s400

    Not impressed. They compared it to the PATRIOT system, our medium/short range system. We use a staggered defense system for various reasons that I can't really get into here, just know that our long range stuff far exceeds this system in range, flight ceiling and missile speed. Not to mention we...
  8. rileyrat

    XBOX Red Ring of Death- 2 lights

    I did the x clamp fix plus a good cleaning when my Xbox 360 ate shit (two red lights). Was out of warranty and I could of gotten another Xbox from a pawn shop for the price Microsoft wanted for the repairs so I figured why not give it a shot. Requires thermal paste to do the clamp fix and I...
  9. rileyrat

    United States leads the world in physical ability - ???

    How are you defining this? The Three Worlds Theory (US version) will only place countries in the "First World" if they are aligned with the US. Second World is for countries aligned with Russia and Third World is any country no aligned with either. The Chinese Three Worlds Theory Place the US...
  10. rileyrat

    United States leads the world in physical ability - ???

    Several reasons. 1. Population, having a larger pool to pull from obviously gives you a better chance of getting a good athlete for something. Sure you can argue that we beat China and try to use this to skew things but lets be honest, China has just recently began to push it's way to the top...
  11. rileyrat

    Some pics of my new vette.

    I like white vettes better than most other colors. While it does look good, it just reminds me way too much of every other white vette that anyone has ever bothered to modify. Same cookie cutter black wheels to get that black on white effect that every single other white vette owner has done.
  12. rileyrat

    Stop-Tech 6P Big Brakes for Silverado

    Mostly depends on how they were created. Even some of the bigger names have had issues with cracks starting to form around the slots and/or cross drilled spots. Slots were created to help remove glazing on the pads. Something that is nearly a non issue with modern pads unless you don't properly...
  13. rileyrat

    now this is a hobbie i could get into...

    They have special drift rc cars that "teach" you how even. All you gotta do is slowly adjust the assist. Very cool to watch none the less. They also seem to be one of the segments of the rc world that work hard to make the cars look real.
  14. rileyrat

    Korea you say? Yes prease!!

    Ohhh you know, ADA stuffs.
  15. rileyrat

    Korea you say? Yes prease!!

    I'll do ya one better, I'll be working on Kunsan for the next year...once I finish here at Camp Carroll in two weeks I'll ne headed your way. Odd place for a couple of Texas boys to finally meet up eh?
  16. rileyrat

    Mustang vs DSM

    Called what, that i was on an 8,000 mile transition and couldn't be bothered to show you how to use a simple search function?:thumbsup: sorry I don't sit around hanging on your every post. So you make half a dozen posts with improper structure then do your best to make a single correct post...
  17. rileyrat

    Roof wrap job complete

    Nice look AJ, I have been wanting to see a good roof wrap. Was considering doing this to match my front end swap. All Iever see is cf wraps and I really dont want to overdo cf on my car.
  18. rileyrat

    Opinions on front end

    If you are more into the JDM style, look into yellow overlays for the headlights. Personally I like them left alone or ever so slightly tinted.
  19. rileyrat

    buy a programmer or have it tuned??

    I was a bit put out when Cobb dropped support for the 8th Gen Civic Si. Tons of updates and advancements then out of the friggin blue, they said they would no longer support or update the Civic Si version. On the flip side, it really made Hondata get off their dead ass and give us a product...
  20. rileyrat

    Stop-Tech 6P Big Brakes for Silverado

    I feel ya man, I've been digging for a year on this stuff and real information is scant at best. Here is what I know, or think I know lol. Centric Brakes owns Stop Tech and Power Slot. All three are solid products when used properly. I have opted to not follow the normal BBK route on my car...