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  1. Web Guy

    Where to get a good dyno tune?

    We can make you a great deal on a Tuner Dyno package combo. Shoot me a pm if interested. :)
  2. Web Guy

    Who is down for a CRUISE on Satuday...

    We will have BBQ & Drinks here from Soulmans BBQ for a small fee. :) Music should start around 11:00 or so. We pushed things forward to give everyone some time to get here.
  3. Web Guy

    Reed Speed Cars & Guitars Car Show!! 2/27/10

  4. Web Guy


    Kelli, pm sent! I will swing by to get it soon. Please pm me your addy. My wife gets her SUV back tomorrow. I am not sure it will fit in the focus renta car. :)
  5. Web Guy

    Need a sponsor to qoute me an alarm installed

    Proceeding... :)
  6. Web Guy

    Need a sponsor to qoute me an alarm installed

    Reed Speed can take care of you installed, out the door with a backed warranty for $540.00+tax. Of course you would be getting Autopage. :) Let me know if we can be of help. You can always pm me thru the forums. Now about your side doors on the van. My installer said he would not touch it. It...
  7. Web Guy

    Firearms and other projectiles

    I will get some photos of mine tonight and post them up tomorrow. 1. Glock 26 2. Ruger LCR 3. H&K USP .40 w/lazer & light combo 4. Kimber SIS Pro .45
  8. Web Guy

    2005-2009 Mustang Koni Adjustable Shocks (PAIR)

    These shocks were only used about 3,000 miles. These are in like new condition and retail for $400 for the pair. I am only asking $225 for the pair. These are for the front of any 2005-2009 Mustang. These are Konis adjustable twin-tube low pressure gas design. If you have any questions please...
  9. Web Guy

    Your dogs v. 2010!

    I have a friend trying to get rid of there Great Pyrenees. Anyone interested?
  10. Web Guy

    ROUSH Spoiler Blowout Parts Special!!!

    2005-2009 Mustang ROUSH Rear Spoiler Wing (Unpainted) Blowout Special!! These retail anywhere online for $294.99 to $299.99. I only have 4 of these in stock at this price to sell. So don't wait!! You can contact us at 214-560-1606 or pm me thru the forums for questions. BUY NOW FOR ONLY...
  11. Web Guy

    Your dogs v. 2010!

    Looks just like my dog we rescued off of the street. What breed is it on your papers? I will post some pics of mine up tomorrow to show you.
  12. Web Guy

    dfw gun range question, can u help?

    Any range I have been to in the DFW area with my son always allows the kids to shoot with an adult. Of course you have to pay for them to shoot! There was a 7 year old there last week shooting with his parents. :)
  13. Web Guy

    The guy from Mythbusters died

    I agree, the other girl that came in to fill Karis spot does not do it justice!!!
  14. Web Guy

    Looking for a gun.

    So when are we all going to meet up at the range to go shoot? Lets go out to Elk Lodge, they have a huge outdoor range with metal reaction targets. :) I am waiting to shoot my new Kimber so lets get it together.
  15. Web Guy

    got my '10 camaro

    We just built a 2010 Camaro SS with a ProCharger, Custom Racing Seats, Custom Interior, 22" Wheels & Tires, Coilovers, Custom Graphics & more... :)
  16. Web Guy

    The guy from Mythbusters died

    That guy was only on the show a few times during some of the rocket shows. I am also confused as why they acted like it was one of the main cast members of the show. I don't consider that guy really part of Myth Busters. At first thought it was the guy with the glasses that died by the photos...
  17. Web Guy

    Looking for a gun.

    LAPD's / Special Investigation Section = SIS. But there is whole story about how many people were killed with these weapons behind these guns.
  18. Web Guy

    Looking for a gun.

    Yes, I learned the whole history behind what the SIS stands for when I purchased it. :)
  19. Web Guy

    Looking for a gun.

    This is my new Kimber Pro SIS .45 I just bought.