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  1. Zomg

    close one

    Total loss 200k, what? What was worth 200,000? Or am I missing something, if that's the case could someone elaborate?
  2. Zomg

    I Can't Decide. . . .

    That's unfortunate.
  3. Zomg

    Rat-Infested Ghost Ship Headed For The UK?

    Lol they just decided to let her go. Awesome.
  4. Zomg

    What do I need to beat a Supra?

    You need nos man, one of the big ones! Actually you need two of them, by tonight!!
  5. Zomg

    post pics of your truck

    I need wheels.
  6. Zomg

    RIP Killermaro

    Ohh wow, RIP
  7. Zomg

    Time for a new GPU

    3 free games?!?! dude thats awesome, 130$ value! If you decide to pick up 1 and 2, don't expect them to be like 3 and 4.
  8. Zomg

    Got me another car 99 HOSS

    Ehhh I thought about buying an ls1 camaro but 140k miles kind of turned me away, how is yours with the 166k?
  9. Zomg

    Mighty Mods Miata

    They also have a custom turbo video for that Miata.
  10. Zomg

    Traded riced cobalt in. Got 2 new Fords

    Lol I remember
  11. Zomg

    Alabama Army Truck

    I watched this not to long ago, kinda lame :/
  12. Zomg

    Car Tunes :angel:
  13. Zomg

    How to install a Holley Terminator EFI

    I think if i was going to drop 2k, on efi. I'd just pick up an Ls motor lol.
  14. Zomg

    Havent posted in a while. Heres the S14 as of late

    That things pretty awesome man! :thumbsup:
  15. Zomg

    post pics of your truck

    Bagged the front, sitting on inner fenderwell, nothin fancy, just shock relocaters, cup/plate kit with 2 viair 400c compressors 5 gal tank
  16. Zomg

    Jays Twin Turbo Lotus tinted

    That thing looks good, would look better with a little less wheel gap in the back, it seems like it needs a leveling kit lol.
  17. Zomg

    Wrote off my first vehicle today.

    Bet them rowdy teenybopper country songs about pickup trucks and dirt roads don't sound so good now huh? Lol nah just bustin your balls man. Good thing you're alright.
  18. Zomg

    Athiest erection

  19. Zomg

    craigslist ads are really annoying...

    Lol because of this I feel so left out sometimes, since when did craigslist start having ads?