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  1. firebird00

    I have a question for everyone

    why its a forum's, forums are full of shit to just think about and talk about
  2. firebird00

    When I grow up, I want to be a guitar.

    thats pretty good spot definately
  3. firebird00

    I have a question for everyone

    Its all ego. The people who don't respect other people and their cars and think they are just mr big dick in town are tools. There is nothing wrong with loving your car whether it be a cavy, or a lambo its your car love it for it is. But also what has been stated in this thread don't make it...
  4. firebird00

    ok....whos gonna rock these?

    wouldn't that be illegal to have out on the street while driving?
  5. firebird00

    Modern Warfare 3′ sets day-one entertainment record 400 Million in one day

    Its definately not an exspansion pack whole new maps, killstreaks, different feel of the game and a lot more balancing from mw2
  6. firebird00

    Your Thoughts on Lowered 4x4 Silverados?

    imo, i like em lifted or stock height
  7. firebird00

    Video I made featured on LSX TV

    i like camaros also, and dont get me wrong your camaro is clean jared but im still not a huge f body camaro fan any good vid
  8. firebird00

    What are you listening to?

    kick it in the sticks by brantley gilbert
  9. firebird00


    thats pretty cool lol
  10. firebird00

    My arm

    well you shouldnt whack it so much
  11. firebird00

    What have you done to your Car/Truck/Toy Today?

    what are you planing on doing with it
  12. firebird00


    thats cool, yah that looks like something you run shit over with not mudding
  13. firebird00

    Got a Gecko for free. How do you care for them?

    yah teach it to walk and sell car insurance then profit
  14. firebird00

    Anyone been deer hunting this year?

    the rack on the the first posts deer is tiny lol but its better than im doing i would be happy with it. I've been hunting this year but not much luck. One time when I was out I saw two does, shot at one but my gun sides was off and missed
  15. firebird00

    my ws6 got hit tonight...

    any pics of the damage?
  16. firebird00

    What have you done to your Car/Truck/Toy Today?

    looked at it, i want to vacuum out the interior but its freaking cold outside
  17. firebird00

    I officially do not want a Cat now..

    i cant stand cats theyre evil, love dogs though
  18. firebird00

    What would you do?

    woulda just at down
  19. firebird00

    Epic... I want 4...

    those are cool, it would be nice just to stick it somewhere small seems like something easy to instal
  20. firebird00

    If you were to die today...

    ide want to be buried