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  1. i20rider

    photoshop help

    I'm about to paint the truck and was just wonting to see what it would look like flatblack andwith a small drop. I know there are some talanted people on hear and I was just curios Thanks
  2. i20rider

    TTC performance tundra build

    2000 4.7 2uz fe. 4wd tundra Forged rods Rod bolts Pistons ARP reinforcement And a few other goodies Then a borgwarner. S400 maybe a little smaler. Not rure yet I'm hoping for 500wheel on around 15 psi. The motor will hold 25+ with the build and will be able to produce around 900 but. I'm not...
  3. i20rider

    head porting

    I'm having my heads and intake manifold ported. What can I expect hp wise
  4. i20rider

    AZ people

    what's up everyone. Its time to get togeather. We need to get a meet going
  5. i20rider


    im looking for som 255/50-16 drag tires...
  6. i20rider

    just a little fun from the other night

    we were all just chillin up at the sonic and a had full of cars showed up.. one of them was a 71 Z28 with a built 406 , turbo 350 trany, 4 link , and some nitto drag tires .. soooooooooo we drove down to mexico wich happend to only be about o say 6 miles out of town and we had a few runs .. this...
  7. i20rider

    west monroe, ruston.

    yes im in the west monroe , monroe . ruston area is ther any one in this location
  8. i20rider

    new guy form louisiana

    whats up everyon my name is zach . and i drive a 2000 4wd toyota tundra....