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  1. Middle School

    anyone going to IMPORT FACEOFF on sunday march2 at ennis?

    texas motorplex aka ennis is hosting import faceoff on march 2nd this year. I plan on going and racing but would like to talk to some folks that have been out there for this even before. ill be in the mazdaspeed6, and would like to whup up on some honduhs and ruin their day. problem is...
  2. Middle School

    texas raceway sunday

    gunna head out there sunday with the speedsex and see what she will do, hopefully I will get some of the last good turbo weather before it warms up this spring/summer. if you guys drop by look me up, ill be the fat guy driving likely the only mazdaspeed6 out there. if I can get some good...
  3. Middle School

    mmmm. night hawk steak and tator dinners....

    sounds good at 10 till 2am to me. brb
  4. Middle School

    i've always been a ford guy

    And my car is technically 13%ford... can I come in here? not a big fan of the people that I've met that drive cars like mine so far..
  5. Middle School

    Well i wouldnt exactly call myself new.....

    I mean hell ive been trolling on and off since something like 06. And although Ive never met jared but a couple of times in the early days of rkc, after seeing the reports of him and friends giving away papa johns and chickfila and other good food to the homeless the man has finally swayed my...
  6. Middle School

    so how much did jared pay donnie to put on..

    his car?? whats really funny is 12 new members joined today. yet 20 new people joined the nite before when was not on TV. I bet the pinks crew edited out all the ricekiller stuff and i thought jared said he was going to be on TV cussing like a sailor?? :texas:
  7. Middle School


    my ass my real pic
  8. Middle School

    ahhhhh, a nice comfy chair, a 66 inch wide HDtv, a bottle of

    .........southern comfort, and a nice steak, with potatoes and corn. what else does anyone need. <---just finished the steak and The terminator :dance nana:
  9. Middle School

    mustangs suck

    seriously. why cant this be a ford forum, and not a mustang forum?? :?: :thumbsdown:
  10. Middle School

    this made me piss my pants

    i dont give a shit if its a repost, this is greatness.
  11. Middle School

    favorite car you've owned???

    this is assuming you have had more than one car. Lots of young kids on this site, so dont list your dads car, or you moms car, or one they paid for either.
  12. Middle School

    anybody want some? i'll be at texas raceway tonite

    i know its hot, but i need some test N tune time, and they should have good track prep out there since its a texas true 10.5 nite. just look for the redneck with the most random loud car out there and that will be me. calling out anything on this site thats N/A
  13. Middle School

    its 9:30pm, and its 96 degree's outside

    this is fucking ridiculous :baby:
  14. Middle School

    saw this fag driving around in a yellow Subaru SUX

    what a rice boy. sounded like it had flowmasters too.
  15. Middle School

    so is miller the head ninja in here?

    quickest prelude my ass.
  16. Middle School

    damn this site has some serious lag

  17. Middle School

    anybody hang out at KFC on wednesday's ??

    :?: chicken good, rice bad.