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  1. mumfmob

    also new from OH

    u talking my car or the drawing i found? thanks guys :thumbsup:
  2. mumfmob

    New Car

    there not bad they got the power only drove one around the shop when i was working at a dealer ship also see one at the stip with a monster turbo and quick as hell lol should be a great car to work on
  3. mumfmob

    Official Ohio Roll Call

    from the youngstown area but live out side of boardmen i drive a 2009 ford Focus...nothing extravagent but mostly stock im actually in a car club with around 30+ members but only 15-20 active members we go every were pretty much within a 50mile radius lol....we actually have a show next month...
  4. mumfmob

    Ricekiller full of Ricers

    lol new and my work computer sucks cant see half the stuff im suposed to lmao wasnt trying to
  5. mumfmob

    Back 2 Basics 4

    Come join us for our 4th annual car show at the wedgewood plaza. We will be featuring a chinese auction, 50/50, top 25 and specialty awards, kids zone, food/drinks, good times , laughs, bad ass trophies, and some of the coolest cars trucks and bikes in the area. Its a good time for all so please...
  6. mumfmob

    Ricekiller full of Ricers

    lol :lmao: aperantly you didnt listen to the vid it says the person not the car is RICER so for you to bash on this site cuse some guys camaro looks "rice" is just making your self look bad cuse you have no clue what RICE even means so keep up making fun of your self just giving every one a show...
  7. mumfmob

    also new from OH

    lol nice i could use another nick name :lmao: :p...thanks for the welcomes btw guys
  8. mumfmob

    also new from OH

    well nothing special mostly stock just some bolt on or stickon add ons lol...pretty much everything is LED tails, turns, license, an map, i got an FSwerks engine cover, billet grill, tail tint and i think thats it but its a 2009 ford focus SE coupe auto -_- and thats pretty much it i have some...
  9. mumfmob

    also new from OH

    whats up guys new to the forum seen a vid on my other forum so i figured id check it out nice to see that you guys hate them arogent ppl that hot rod it a little to much lol
  10. mumfmob

    2nd gen focus owers

    didnt see a thread for just 2nd gen focus owners so i figured id see bout making one and see were it what ever pics, mods, DIY's, etc....ill start 2009 ford focus..sangrea red..SE coupe..a few mods nothing major...billet grill, LED Switchbacks, LED tails, LED license plate...
  11. pic taken at my clubs car show

    pic taken at my clubs car show

  12. just taking a dip

    just taking a dip

  13. hangin at the beach

    hangin at the beach

  14. new grill

    new grill

  15. new tint

    new tint

  16. random pic

    random pic