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  1. One Eyed Jim

    Been a While. Slow Street Car Inside

    Few changes coming up to clean it up underhood and keep IAT's down better.
  2. One Eyed Jim

    old school members

    Anyone have any pictures of the ex I posted a bunch of pics of in college? I 'recycled' her for an evening relatively recently and realized I do not have most of my old ex gf porn stash anymore. Time frame is '08-09. My old screen name was 7mmremmag. There may be some form of compensation...
  3. One Eyed Jim

    Saturday Night Drunk Thread

    Who is in?
  4. One Eyed Jim

    Trying out the 2 Step on my fox body.

    3500 soft limit, 4200 hard limit.
  5. One Eyed Jim

    I will be in Minneapolis...

    ...For two weeks during the end on July/beginning of August. Anything special going on, I will be hitting up the Monday meets. -Cody
  6. One Eyed Jim

    Crazy wheelie today at SGMP, Lights Out IV

    Not my video, I was not able to make it down to the race but I saw this on the livefeed. Crazy!
  7. One Eyed Jim

    May have a chance to move to the MSP area.

    I may be relocating for work in the next six months. Nothing is set in stone but it looks like the opportunity is certainly there. I have been to the area once and attended an RKC meet. I am currently looking around at houses/apartments to get a feel for the areas. What are good areas to...
  8. One Eyed Jim

    Troy, Nick, Adam

    Great meeting you guys tonight!
  9. One Eyed Jim

    Traveling to mn next week.

    Anything going on around Minneapolis on Monday evening?
  10. One Eyed Jim

    Ok, who was it?

    Had to be one of you fucks.
  11. One Eyed Jim

    Finally lowered my fox

  12. One Eyed Jim

    Anybody work for Parker Hannifan?

    The fluid controls division of Parker Hannifan bought the company I work for on Monday. I know most of the gentlemen there were from the Minneapolis area so I was curious if there were any Parker employees on the board.
  13. One Eyed Jim

    Ohio Mile

    How many of you will be there?
  14. One Eyed Jim

    New Daily

  15. One Eyed Jim

    I put a gopro mount on my tactical shotgun

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  16. One Eyed Jim

    Building my first computer

    I am building a computer strictly for editing gopro videos and watching movies/netflix with. I already bought a case (nzxt apollo). I don't need a high end computer and would like to try to keep the core components not much more than $500 (excluding monitor, keyboard etc). Also would...
  17. One Eyed Jim

    This is why I kill little woodland creatures

    Venison Red Hot pickled sausage edt: Mod wanna fix my thread title, change "i" to is? Please. thanks.
  18. One Eyed Jim

    Credit Score questions.

    My credit score is 747. I've been told this is a pretty good score and 760 and above is considered excellent but I am not necessarily familiar with this sort of stuff. Any tips on raising it? BTW, what ever happened to the financial forum? Did it leave when Jared stopped working...
  19. One Eyed Jim

    Wellsboro Winter Rally

    Whose going besides me? February 11