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  1. Ike Turner

    Tara Reid is retarded WHAT THE FUCK.
  2. Ike Turner


    So I was jerking off in the shower last night, and I had a splinter in one of my fingers, and the damned thing decided to work it's way out mid stroking. I had tried to fish it out with tweezers, but I could not get it, so I figured showering would loosen it up. And it worked, and I now have a...
  3. Ike Turner

    She so crazy, she wanna have his baby...
  4. Ike Turner

    Welcome the newest member of our staff, Junkie.

    BAM. Junkie is now a moderator.
  5. Ike Turner

    It is a sad day in Wagonland...

    A woman ran a red light and basically stopped in my lane. I hit her going maybe 25-30mph. She has Allstate, she has admitted fault to her insurance company, and I just know that they will try to screw me out of paying what it will actually cost to repair the car. Here is to good fortune...
  6. Ike Turner

    Troy, what the...

  7. Ike Turner

    "Big Tex is burning, you say?"

    A collection of my comments about Big Tex catching on fire on Facebook...
  8. Ike Turner


    I got shingles. I wish a medical super hero would come jerk his pill bottle dick all over my face and make this shit go away.
  9. Ike Turner

    Wanted: 16 inch VW steel wheels

    With tires would be a plus, as long as they are not crazy tall and shit.
  10. Ike Turner

    Try this beer: TommyKnocker Maple Nut Brown Ale

    As posted to their site... This was recommended by my good friends at Broadway Beer and Wine ( It was an eye opener to me, since I tend...
  11. Ike Turner

    The Culinary Section

    I decided that we need a section dedicated to food and drink. To help gather threads that are topically related, please let me know if you find a thread that applies, so that I can move it here for archival purposes.
  12. Ike Turner

    Interested in some legitimatly good German/Austrian food?

    Well, tomorrow, we are going to Fritzl's. Klaus is a baddass, and the food is incredible. So, we will be there around 6pm, tomorrow, which is Wednesday. It is at 3390 Lakeview Parkway (Hwy 66) Rowlett, TX 75088 972 412 3555 Just in case you did not follow the...
  13. Ike Turner

    Is it bad?

    ...That at 2 am I finished smoking a few pounds of beef ribs and cracked open a few bottles of Chimay? At 3 am, here I am on my couch, even the dogs are sleeping. I might have had a tiny bit too much to drink. How much is too much? I had a 14 month old bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve that I was...
  14. Ike Turner

    Olympic sports, your take...

    What do you think of sports such as water polo and curling? If there were no Olympics, would ANYONE know about, let alone actually play any of this shit? Thread in a thread: ASS I watch the Olympics for pretty much one reason. Fucking asses. I wanna see tight asses barely covered. Emilie...
  15. Ike Turner

    Ricekiller full of Ricers

    LMAO!!! I saw all these videos about not actin or bein rice yet the owner has a camaro with enough rice on his car to pull the wheels of the fuckin dyno.:D Then there's plenty of tools runnin around on this site actin like tey tough shit cuz they own a mustang with basic bolt ons and shit can't...
  16. Ike Turner

    Cars and Coffee 4-7-12

    Anyone going out to Cars and Coffee?
  17. Ike Turner


    With the passing of my good friend Timber, I was roaming through picture albums, looking for pics of him, and I came across a picture of a friend that we all lost, Chris, "Credit2nv" Vandershot. It was on the DFWCRL cruise in McKinney. There was a huge dip in the road that wrecked the front...
  18. Ike Turner

    Timber, remembered 3/10/2006 - 3/29/2012

    Over the last year, I began to prepare myself for Timber leaving me. I knew as a large Malamute that survived a few bouts of heart worm, 13 previous owners that were not willing to give him a a loving and permanent home, a shelter that was only hours away from euthanizing him, and being chained...
  19. Ike Turner


    I see what you guys are up to. Don't try to play it off... Buncha kneedick wankerfags.