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  1. grinner

    fun gig

    got to act in a feature for The 700 Club. The raw turned out too cool not to make a lil music video out of it:
  2. grinner

    one of the funnest shows I've put together

    I love documentaries and biographies because I always learn so much about the person the show is about. This one was very enlightening. If ya have time, watch it all.
  3. grinner

    fun in the ADRL

    come join us! :)
  4. grinner

    Test Drive: '13 Camaro 2SS

    Kicking off a new venture with Reagor Dykes Auto Group, here is the first of an on-going series: I can get you in any car no matter where you are
  5. grinner

    close one
  6. grinner

    Rt 66 Cruise & Show 2011

    This is literally in my back yard. Great event that'll help revive Rt66
  7. grinner

    granny kills the car
  8. grinner

    Moddin' Art turns 25

    Twas a hot summer in '86 when I started shooting car events. In celebration of a quarter of a century of rolling video on some of the coolest events in the country and beyond, I thought you Dallas folks may get a kick out of this blast from the past... Hypervision '88...
  9. grinner

    fun shoot

    it's fun being a dad... and a teacher. I teach video production and post-production to a rotating group of homeschoolers. A few years back, I had a shining star make his way through my class. He's been rockin youtube since and is now venturing into shorts and feature films. I've shot two of...
  10. grinner

    Today's Storm
  11. grinner

    have anything to give?

    My wife and I are going with some friends to Joplin a week from today to help the tornado victims. We're going to drop some supplies off at designated drop zones then hand deliver some things to the camp grounds, then swing a hammer and fire up a chainsaw as needed. If any of you have anything...
  12. grinner

    fun with ricers :lmao:
  13. grinner

    groovy lightning

    I always break out the camera when it's storming:
  14. grinner

    the van makes a cameo

    I got to shoot a fun project not long ago and we starred the van just before I sold it: dig the moddin art stickers lol
  15. grinner

    What got you into cars?
  16. grinner

    Tera Star's ride

    I know, right? How on earth can the lil healing ghost already be driving!? Seems like she was doing "That's Cheezy" segments just yesterday. Bob the neighbor found this lil peach in the paper and I hawked the van so I could snag it up for her: It was very clean. Literally got it off a 71...
  17. grinner

    FS '95 ram van

    Great for work or play. Runs great. Needs paint or feel free to abuse. Camper hook ups, anti donut full size spare, groovy interior, 2 batteries, only 148k miles, 318 magnum v8. Everything works but the radio so a jambox is included. 1200 dolla make ya holla. van is in St. Louis...
  18. grinner

    some old school for ya

    fun from the 80s now in the 90s drunken idiots just messin with a biker...
  19. grinner

    back at home

    Had to go to the ER saturday with the tell tell chest pains, pains down the arm and up the neck. I thought I was oppeasing my wife by going then would be able to say "told ya I'm not having a freakin heart attack" but they admitted me immediately. I have had beyond stage 4 hypertension for quite...
  20. grinner

    feedback welcome

    I had a few tell me they had trouble navigating my last site design. Redid it today. Literally only one button to push: