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  1. SShole

    Police beat students at occupy Berkeley

    The police were justifed, they were surrounded, and they told the protesters to move back. They weren't telling them to leave or saying they couldnt be there. If they would have listened to something as simple as moving back this would have never happened.
  2. SShole

    RKC Invited!

    Dont know how far New castle is from Ft Knox but ill try to make the event in june.
  3. SShole

    Camaro ZL-1 rated at 580 HP!

    Yes, sadly I will have to agree that 1st gear does suck.
  4. SShole

    Political Correctness strikes back - Stereotype Costumes a "No-No"

    Lol these are great. It's sad that people have to take things so serious on a fun holiday.
  5. SShole

    Criminal Justice Question #1

    No way if anything its the opposite.
  6. SShole

    Drug testing of welfare recipients unconstititional ?

    Im all for it, most goverment jobs require drug testing. Its only fair to drug test people getting a goverment handout. If you dont want to get drug tested then get a job that dosn't drug test its employees.
  7. SShole

    Too Many People

    How would you measure the rickshaw power, you couldnt use horse power anymore. Also if you feed your rickshaw puller rice, would you be considered a ricer?
  8. SShole


    Thanks for your support.
  9. SShole

    My local ricers.

    Melted body kits crack me up.
  10. SShole


    Yeah Im in the Stan right now but i just hit the 10 month mark so 2 more months left.
  11. SShole

    Too Many People

    Well I dont think we have to worry about food. What percentage of American's is considered overweight?
  12. SShole

    GTA V Confirmed

    Its about time.
  13. SShole

    2008 mitsubishi lancer es(my first thread)

    These are all classic ricer excuses for why they didnt win.
  14. SShole


    Ill have to check it out some time. Ill be stationed at Ft Knox till august and ive never been out to that part of kentucky before.
  15. SShole


    Read some of the threads in the KY section you'll see what im mean and there pretty entertaining.
  16. SShole

    Howard Stern Exposes Occupy Wall St. Morons

    Whoa so your suggesting that I take responsibility for my own actions? Why do that when its easier for these people to beg and bitch and moan about how hard working Americans dont give them enough free stuff. I never understood how its considered greedy to be self reliant.
  17. SShole


    Yeah right it seems like kentucky's kinda dead. so i dont think any upcoming meets are have been planned. the regions leader got scared off so kentucky is leaderless at the moment.
  18. SShole

    my first car

    Good pick for a first car.
  19. SShole


    Man your way out east. From what ive gathered most of the people on here are from up north or around the louisville area.
  20. SShole

    69 camaro project

    Looks good, I wish I could work on a project like that.