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  1. Dr. Satan

    For some stupid reason

    I've always loved choppers. Not the OCC theme bikes, or the Big Dogs or stuff like that, but more long distance, every day riders. But the big question that's nagged me was "could I even handle a hardtail". Well, The answer is yes. And this bike is what let me test it. It's a 1983 Honda CX...
  2. Dr. Satan

    Bill Nye the Science Guy vs Ken Ham The full debate between Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, and Bill Nye "the Science Guy". After debate polls, both live audience and other, put the favor in Bill Nye at 90-92 percent, feeling he better supported his argument.
  3. Dr. Satan


    So I just completed the Progressive Snapshot program, and I thought I would share some of the backside of things that I saw. First up, the device is pretty small, and when it's plugged in, you can just barely see the LED lights that let you know it works. It reads (only, so far as I was...
  4. Dr. Satan

    Call Of Duty: Ghost MP reveal Has some interesting looking game modes. Sadly, I agree with Elpres on this for the most part.
  5. Dr. Satan

    Sony Went for MS's kneecaps.

    No restrictions on used games, or borrowing a friends game. No need for internet connectivity all the time. No useless camera staring at you all the time, judging you. What now, Xbox Fanboys?
  6. Dr. Satan

    2 Explosions at the Boston Marathon It happened at about 2:45PM. About a half dozen people are injured right now.
  7. Dr. Satan

    Margaret Thatcher is dead. Some claim she was a great leader, Others hate her very existence. I honestly think she was a more divisive person then any recent president we've had. She was, for the most part, before my...
  8. Dr. Satan

    Luke's Change/ The Truth Comes Out The Death Star was an inside job, Wake up Sheeple!:angry:
  9. Dr. Satan

    Gunman reported at a Lone Star College campus in Houston, Texas This isn't good.
  10. Dr. Satan

    Green Day "I'm not F***ing Justin Bieber" :lmao::lmao:
  11. Dr. Satan

    Hula Cam

    For your enjoyment. Or criticism. This is from Burning Man after all.
  12. Dr. Satan

    Jeremy Foley's Pike's Peak Crash Damn that looks bad. All I've heard is they have serious injuries. It's also twisted that people were cheering.
  13. Dr. Satan

    How to Properly Change the Oil in a Motorcycle

    The right way!
  14. Dr. Satan

    People Aren't Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish, Scientists Say
  15. Dr. Satan

    Canadian Election Fraud
  16. Dr. Satan

    No one would give them beer money for flashing boob So they pulled a knife. God I missed Florida so much.
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    Now that I have your attention. Pretty cool if you ask me.
  18. Dr. Satan

    Happy New Year RKC

    I come from one hour in the future, to bid you a happy new year.
  19. Dr. Satan

    I'm making Cookies

    First batch just beeped done. Homemade chocolate chip.
  20. Dr. Satan

    Shooting at Virginia Tech

    1 Officer dead, second person injured. Shooter still on the loose.