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  1. FlatBlackCaddy

    Mitsubishi announced 2014 Evo X Lease and Lease to own programs!

    Price isn't helping, I'm sure. EVO IX's rotted on the lots too though, so I wouldn't give the X too much slack over low or sliding sales. I bought my IX new, It was on the lot for almost a year. I negotiated a price of 28K and I had my pick of 3 colors. Enthusiast cars just don't sell well.
  2. FlatBlackCaddy

    FS: 1993 Toyota Celica All-trac

    Too nice for me. Would have been a great classic option for my rally cross/stage rally/Wisconsin fire roads car.
  3. FlatBlackCaddy

    Who's ready for Powercruise????

    Hmm, lf I can get a lot of track time in then it might be worth the trip.
  4. FlatBlackCaddy

    Who's ready for Powercruise????

    I didn't think there was a speed limit, I just didn't know the types of cars(and the intent of their drivers). If some people are just looking to tool around at higher speeds it would be hard and somewhat unsafe for others to run around at the limit.
  5. FlatBlackCaddy

    Who's ready for Powercruise????

    Is the track for open (high speed) lapping or just "cruising" around. I couldn't make a distinction based on the info I've read at the BIR site.
  6. FlatBlackCaddy

    Hey Trogdor, got a few quick questions. I think you work at the Mitsu dealer in WBL, do you...

    Hey Trogdor, got a few quick questions. I think you work at the Mitsu dealer in WBL, do you guys offer a Ricekillers discount through the parts departement? Do you know the parts department hours? Thanks
  7. FlatBlackCaddy

    my drive across america for charity

    Hmm, you should leave the vinyl on after the event. :D
  8. FlatBlackCaddy

    Prooving Grounds

    I noticed the date AFTER I signed up for something else, so I was alittle pissed about that. Would have loved to have gone to it. I actually like driving in the rain so it would have been an fun weekend either way. I'm going to the second one in september? for sure. I'd say go out there anyway...
  9. FlatBlackCaddy

    Post your desktop June 2013

    Icons look huge, what resolution is that.
  10. FlatBlackCaddy

    another FNG

    Apparently one of us is supposed to be doing something, which would maybe result in a response?
  11. FlatBlackCaddy

    New guy. Future Panama City, Fl resident

    Hi Bradley, Nice legs :D
  12. FlatBlackCaddy

    Ricer Motorcycle riders

    Ha, cop jumped out and tackled him. Probably stopped fast on purpose knowing he would drop the bike so he couldn't get away, maybe throw in a charge for "ramming a police vehicle".
  13. FlatBlackCaddy

    Enkei ZR1 18x8 +40 5x114.3 Price dropped

    Do you know how much they weight? Are these from the Tuning or Racing line?
  14. FlatBlackCaddy

    Enkei ZR1 18x8 +40 5x114.3 Price dropped

    Where are you located?
  15. FlatBlackCaddy

    New to the site

    Hello john
  16. FlatBlackCaddy

    Another Mn Peep

    Hi dave
  17. FlatBlackCaddy

    FS 83 cutlass brand new 383 stroker

    I think I know someone who might be interested, I'll pass it on.
  18. FlatBlackCaddy

    FS: Kimber Pro Carry II

    I figured that, I wasn't trying to be an ass or incite a debate. Just curious if there were additional or alternate ways to sell a firearm from one private party to another.
  19. FlatBlackCaddy

    Four door supra

    Bored already??? I thought I had a short attention span.
  20. FlatBlackCaddy

    Four door supra

    Didn't you just get this car?