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    Finally a post relevant to this site

    Holy shit is this a build thread? Why yes, yes it is. :cool: My boss is getting rid of his car/truck/parts collection and one truck in particular caught my eye. Its a 1961 Chevrolet Step Side with a '65 front clip. Of course its nothing special (350/T350/10 bolt) but its pretty clean and it...

    Bought another Heep

    So I sold the Comanche a while back and I wanted something cheap to wheel with/play ken block in the snow, so I ponied up $200 and got another Cherokee. Dont get your hopes up, Its been beaten all its life, is halfway rotted and again was only $200. :monocle: Hopefully I can bring it to my shop...

    Got a new truck

    And my love/hate relationship with Chevrolet continues on. The poor Geo isn't what she used to be so I wanted to upgrade to something that could haul my Jeep and a car trailer plus camping gear and get somewhat decent gas mileage. So Automotive Concepts found me a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500...

    Slow 6, help please!

    The car is a 1999 pontiac grand prix with a junk yard motor thrown in, I know the previous owner and the car will shut off on occasion, especially when the car turns left. Sometimes it starts back up, sometimes it wont. Not the alternator, or the battery. All the connections seem good and tight...

    New career path

    After talking with some folks at Heavy Metal Truck Training, it sounds like Im moving to North Dakota for awhile to start truck driving. Anyone know of anybody there who have experience in water tank hauling?

    Good place for roll bar piping?

    I need atleast 4 sticks of roll bar pipe to make a a back bar for the comanche. How thick of pipe should I get? Can it be bent in a hydraulic bender or does it have to be mandrel bent? Whats a fair price per stick?

    Anyone in MN looking for a fun, built jeep?

    So the classified arent workin so Ill post this here. My cousin is selling his Jeep Grand Cherokee (motor is estimated around 375 hp) has new tires and new battery, is a very rare 5.9 limited model with power everything, heated leather, moonroof, Infinity Gold stereo with steering wheel controls...

    Anyone ever deal with Ocwen?

    So my buddy's mortgage just got sold to Ocwen from IndyMac and he made a payment on the 26th and nothing has gone through. We've read the reviews on these people and none of them have been good. People being months ahead on payments and being marked as delinquints and under going foreclosure...

    2002 GMC 2500 HD any good?

    So I've been looking for a truck to haul around the comanche and I came across a 2002 GMC sierra 2500 HD for a decent price. I just wanted to see if anybody here has owned one and if theres anything to watch out for. Its a 6.0L with and auto trans(completely rebuilt by a transmission shop in...

    I'm gonna miss her

    Last night I decided I needed something new so I threw the Cherokee up on CL at a high price just to test the waters. Well, a guy called me at 1pm with cash in hand and bought it. I am happy that after everything I've done to it, the truck only cost me $50 to own. However, Im somewhat bummed to...

    Any one good with law?

    So my friend had an accident back in early 2007. He slid through a stop light on ice and T-boned a lady in her car. After the accident, she got out of her car and was walking around, perfectly normal and refused an ambulance ride. She did not go directly to a physician or talk to a lawyer or...

    Sell the yammer hammer?

    So today I came to the conclusion that I need less stuff sitting in my garage and a few more bucks in my bank account. Now this isnt a for sale posting so I figured it does not belong in the classified. But I wanted to give a few details and see if my price seems high. Its a 1980 yamaha xs850...


    Alright guys. I was on my laptop and a picture popped up saying the computer has been locked and I have to pay $300 through moneypak to have it unlocked. It went on saying homeland security says I have shit that I shouldnt and it had a bunch of badges on the side to look official. What should I do?

    Fan help

    I need a new cooling fan in the MJ since mine seems to have taken a shit. Anyone know of a vehicle with a single 18" cooling fan? I may also have to make a shroud of some sort to keep the damn thing clean

    80 XS850 starting problem

    So I made a bit of headway with my bike and we went to start it with the kick start and it felt like it isnt catching. It kicked over when we took the bike apart and while it was apart but since we put the crank cover under the stater on, this has been happening. Everything went back together...

    Sold the Dodge :)

    :cool: Picking up the new trail rig this weekend to soothe my wounds from the SRT. 1989 Jeep Comanche :cool:

    Few suspension questions

    So the Heep is gonna get 2" more of lift via coil spacers and lift blocks in the rear (right now, it is a 3" on 31" all terrains) to give it a 5" of lift to fit 33" Mudstar M/Ts. If I were to put my 1" drop brackets on my cross member, would I have to run a slip yoke eliminator or do you think...

    New Summer Toy

    So today I was bored and was sifting through craigslist and I found a 1980 Yamaha XS850 Midnight special for $600. Outta curiousity I drove down and looked at it and it was in a lot better shape than I imagined it. The frame was dusty but clean, the motor started right up and ran smoothly, the...

    Rough Idle on start up

    2005 Srt 4 neon, When I start it up after it has been sitting for a period of more than 4 hours the oil light will come on. If I shut the car off and then turn it back on the oil light will be off but it will have a really rough idle like it has huge cams, and if I give it gas up to 2000rpms for...

    Housing Question

    So Im beginning to re-evaluate my life and here's what it looks like. 22 years old, 3 cars, a decent good paying job and yet still living with my parents 2 years after I healed up. Its time I take responsibility for myself and get my life started. Ive started looking at houses with my buddy...