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  1. Mark

    Things that bounce!

    It's been a while....figured i'd bring something back to the site...:cool: AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNND........ :monocle:
  2. Mark

    My new toy!

    NOTE: My other thread stopped working for some dumb fucking here it is again. Just picked this up a few weeks ago and ran 200 rounds through it at the range. Shoots straight and tight, cleans up well. So far so good! :cool: and for those curious - no, it is never going to...
  3. Mark

    Hey everyone! Meet Dolly!

    so back in June i bought a bike. i can't remember if i posted any photos or here's Dolly. (twin headlights....Dolly Parton...) All her turn signals and the brake light are blacked out. Last week she got a new RSD exhaust and a Arlen Ness big sucker intake. Took her home and tuned her...
  4. Mark

    My new toy!

    just picked this baby up last week. finally got to take her to the range on tuesday and put 200 rounds through it. she shoots pretty damn good if i do say so myself! My Para 1911 Single stack .45 :bonds!:
  5. Mark

    Mark's obligatory 5 year anniversary thread

    This isn't going to be as lengthy or gay as Will's thread. just haven't posted on here in forever, so here I am! A lot has happened in the last 5 years for me. Went from a newly married man with a WRX, to a father with a few shit cars. Eventually had another kid and bought a Suburban. Now I'm...
  6. Mark

    Black Ops II!!!! (PS3)

    Who all is playing? What's your PSN name? How are you liking it so far???
  7. Mark

    Post Your Desktop - Nov 2012

    I need some new ideas....
  8. Mark

    I'll have the tuna... crust. :cool:
  9. Mark

    Post Your Desktop - Sept 2012

  10. Mark

    Post your Desktop - August 2012

    for whatever reason, i can't get my computer to do a screenshot in the proper resolution....but here's mine for now :thumbsup:
  11. Mark

    Got to meet Skinny Will and Vej...finally

    nice to finally hang out with a couple DFW guys for like the first time since i've been a member! looking forward to next summer when maybe i'll be able to make it to another meet or two :monocle: oh, and will...i'll see what i can do about getting an AMMO coin for ya from Korea :thumbsup:
  12. Mark

    Got my first puppy!

    He's a purebred black lab named Guinness. I'm probably more excited than my kids...:lol:
  13. Mark

    Siri fun...

    Just got the iPhone 4S...having a laugh at the expense of my digital personal assistant..
  14. Mark

    Merry Christmas RKC!!!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas this year! Feel free to post up some of the gifts you got and anything else you'd like to share about today :thumbsup:
  15. Mark

    Finally coming home!!

    :willy: :willy: Gonna be home for Christmas for the first time in 4 years!!! Woo Hooo!!! Not looking forward to a 16 hour drive with two toddlers though...:mad:
  16. Mark

    Happy Thanksgiving RKC!

    Or should I say "Happy just-left-England-took-advantage-of-the-natives-can't-wait-to-start-our-own-country Day"
  17. Mark

    Just in time for Thanksgiving!!

    eAjhG09X9YA NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!
  18. Mark

    Veteran's Day

    here's to the Vets...past and present. Thank God for those who gave their everything so the rest of us can go on to live another day :texas: :hannah: :canada: this video never gets old for me...and i think everyone should watch it at least once, and pass it on. FJfeD-I39CQ
  19. Mark

    I love my job!

    They said, "Do you want to kill people and not go to jail?" I said, "Fuck yeah, who don't?!" They said, "Are you afraid of the jungle?" I said, "I ain't scared of shit!" I've been waitin' to go to the jungle ever since I saw that Predator movie. I ate a goddamn rattlesnake one time. We was...
  20. Mark

    Florida state trooper arrests Miami cop for speeding!!

    Wow! Follow the link for the video, I can't figure out how to embed it using my iPhone...:lol: