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  1. v8p71

    Man mistakenly posts extremely old bike thread on car forum.

    im not a bike guy, but i still found this hilarious.
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    Oregon, Virginia and Massachusets have introduced bills banning sales of exhausts
  3. v8p71

    i miss my car...

    never thought id miss my 3g with rod knock, but being away at college kinda puts everything in perspective.... not to mention that i regret not changing the oil before letting it sit for an entire semester....:angry: but hey, shes getting better gas mileage than ever before! lol
  4. v8p71

    Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Houston

    heard of this through facebook. those crazy lunatics are coming to Houston will some one please remind them that their 15 min of fame came and went?
  5. v8p71

    CBHS Car Show 5-14-2011

    date is the 14th, (this saturday) ok, this is a bit last minute, but my high school is holding their annual car show to pay for some senior activities. it's $20 to enter the day of the event or $15 if you enter before hand. (shoot an email to [email protected] if you want to...
  6. v8p71

    acura tl 17" wheels 17" acura tl wheels 225/xx/r17 & 215/xx/r17 $250 obo
  7. v8p71

    writing project? opinions needed...

    soo this is a short story im trying to write. i dont know if i should continue this idea, or to move on to something else. anyways please check it oput and tell me what you think. btw: emotions conveyed by the narrator are in red, davids are in green. some of yall are probably like :?'ll...
  8. v8p71

    Turbo Help?

    i have this turbo that i bought on the internet. it was made by airresearch (which later became greddy) back in the 60's :eek: i dont even know if this thing will work. is there that will give me a definite answer?
  9. v8p71

    Pretty cool footage of STS 133 from an airplane
  10. v8p71

    Buying a prius? watch this first...

    it might be posted already but its still good info: <object width="640" height="385"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></object>
  11. v8p71

    Mazdaspeed6 help and info

    anybody have experience with these cars? modifying, racing, owner-ship etc?
  12. v8p71

    going drag racing next friday Oct 8

    @ houston raceway park. wanted to see if i could get a group to go. im inviting htown-dsm, so it should be a lot of fun.
  13. v8p71

    This poor tt supra...calling skinny will!!

    looking around craigslist, and lo and behold i see this poor car. skinny will, I dont think you have to worry about your N/A...
  14. v8p71

    Car Talk-on N.P.R.

    any one listen to Click and Clack? just curious:secret:
  15. v8p71

    headlight questions

    my first question is in regards to headlight adjustment is it just un-adjusted, or completely screwed? second, if i go to H.I.D. (6k) should I remove the reflector?
  16. v8p71

    FYI to the parents here

    dont ever EVER give you kids Ritalin, Concerta, or anything of the like. take it from me, you dont want to mess with this stuff
  17. v8p71

    Ford SHO swapped probe

    has anyone ever heard of a Ford Probe with a 98 SHO engine in it? if not, i think i might build one.... :)
  18. v8p71

    Video footage of space city corvette's crawfish and corvettes

    phew...try saying the title ten times fast...
  19. v8p71

    crazy ass volvo 850

    chances are, youve already seen this. but, i still think it derseves a place here this aint your moms volvo...
  20. v8p71

    FWD manual tranny launch help

    so i recently went to a strip, and my 60' time was 2.7 :suspicious: i launched at 3k rpm, i think it was a bit high. any help would be grately appreciated.