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  1. Z400

    Thinking about getting back into r/c boats..

    Who here does the aquatic r/c shit? I use to be big into r/c years ago. Went through phases.. started out with 1/10th scale trucks, played with boats and helis, some planes.. We recently bought a camper and permanently placed it on some lake front property at a camp ground... Ive itching...
  2. Z400

    Desktop computer issues

    Ive got this desktop computer that is now just collecting dust. Was having a very aggravating problem with it back when it was my only computer. Tower is a HP m9005f Just tonight i pulled the tower, my monitor, a mouse and a keyboard out and plugged it all in to see if it would fire up...
  3. Z400

    Small update on my car

    Finally pulled the car out of the trailer today for the first time since i bought it. Removed the front clip and both doors, pulled the car into the garage and started installing my running gear and what not. Got the engine bolted in, Still have quite a bit to do before i can fire it up...
  4. Z400

    Am on the prowl..

    Been looking hard for another car for a few weeks now. Driving down to Lovely KY on Sunday to check somethin out.. I'll have plenty of pictures. Might not be a surprise to some. lol
  5. Z400

    Cichlid show tank

    Couple weak pictures from tonight
  6. Z400

    1969 Chevelle Roller

    Trying to sell our Chevelle. It was a SS 396 4 speed car, it has been backhalved. It needs the front half straightened or it needs to be front halved. Front half of the frame is tweaked. Car has a VFN front end, VFN wheel openings, Glasstek hood and rear bumper. Plexi rear window and...
  7. Z400

    RIP 69 Chevelle

    Well some of you may have seen the other thread with me discussing an accident the car and i had a few weeks back. From the get go i swore the car was in bad shape structure wise and that i would be letting it go. I did not want to believe this, i gave the car a once over a couple of times and...
  8. Z400

    Project: FML Engine Transplant

    Well A few months ago the timing chain broke in the engine that is in my Fiance's car. it is a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero. well, when i was 17 i was given a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire, ended up totaling it. Well we still have it. Have gone through one hell of a fiasco to be "given permission" to take...
  9. Z400


    Anyone going tomorrow?
  10. Z400

    Here's another RC

    This one is mine. I finished building this about 2 months ago. I spent right around 5 months putting it together. Its a Savage XL with an LRP .30 engine. Well, almost an XL, only thing it doesnt have is the wide axle set. This is a torque monster.
  11. Z400

    Cedar Point this weekend

    Anyone going to Cedar Point this weekend by chance? Fiance and I are heading up Friday night and leaving Sunday night when park closes.
  12. Z400

    FS: Traxxas revo 3.3 r/c truck

    Ive got a Traxxas 3.3 Revo i would like to get rid of. I havent owned it but a couple of months. Ive put right around 10 to 12 tanks of fuel through it. I bought it brand new. Am asking $350 shipped Completed the break in procedure using the heat cycle method. Been running Blue Thunder HP8 30%...
  13. Z400

    Terre Haute

    Anyone near Terre Haute Indiana?
  14. Z400

    FS: 555BBC

    Trying to sell this motor, it is complete from carb to pan. Comes with a second hamburger style pan with an oil pump for the specific pan. This motor has a Dart Big M block with Brodix 2X aluminum heads with Jesel Shaft Rockers. Billet aluminum valve covers, .250 Long rods by eagle with an...
  15. Z400

    5.826 @ 119.04

    Well... Picture is when i went 5.84 Went 5.826 first round.
  16. Z400

    My new hot rod

    Im still in shock and awe. Ive cleaned up drool a couple of times.. Im still shaking in my pants about this purchase.
  17. Z400

    Picture from Saturday

    Here's a picture from this past weekends racin Just a shot of me in the staging lanes Ran the pink truck behind me
  18. Z400


    Ugh... :angel: Last one was in April, this is August almost September.
  19. Z400

    New Camera Help

    (I hope this is the right area for this) What ive got now is terrible for what i do. I dont need a DSLR, i dont want a DSLR. Im looking at cameras similar to this...
  20. Z400

    New picture and a new best time