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  1. Boostedls

    Got any game devoplers here?

    Anyone one her Program games? for the fun of it IF so what do you use? ME: C# XNA 3.1 (Pc or xbox 360 developing) GML Gamemaker 8 (2d simple, not very powerful) Blitz 3D (VisualBasic)
  2. Boostedls

    Wheel and tires

    For My Integra , I'm tired of the obnoxious amount of wheel spinning on stock rims and tires , so i was looking for some good wheel and tire combos to get it to the ground better. I Only have 1200 to spend , Would like to stay with the stock size wheel or a size higher, anyone got any ideas
  3. Boostedls

    anyone from elkhart,southbend,mishawka area?

    anyone from elkhart, southbend, mishawka IN area? If so anyone want to try to start a legal car meet in the area? on weeky or monthly. Had a few places that we could hold it at in mind I've noticed that the areas don't really have any car meets or really car anything.. just bike meets
  4. Boostedls

    New here from IN

    Ello, names Nickcoleyie I Live in Elkhart, IN - which there really isn't really at car scene it's more of a biker city, I attending Ball state Uni for info systems. My DD is a 91 Integra -mods Eagle H-beam rods Supertechs pistons 9:1 apr head stud Stock head Rev hard turbo kit w/ FMIC Dsm...