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  1. re-rx7

    Legal questions....

    My brother luke and his gf have been on the rocks for sometime and she wants to move out. She wants to send her dad to get the stuff out of there house(apt rent) while she is out of town and he is not down for any of that. Apparently he is worried some of his stuff will get destroyed and or...
  2. re-rx7

    Might be new job time.

    Headed to HR soon for sum bs accusations. This will make the 3rd time in less then a yr that i have been harrassed. My boss ask people what im doing off the clock, where ive been, who ive been with ect and im tired of it. I dont drink, I dont party, ect. So ive basically just gonna spill the...
  3. re-rx7

    Oklahoma meet (Purpose built FB group)

    We had our first meet this past Saturday and the turnout was pretty good. 20 cars or so showed up a few wrecked getting a little excited on the corners but all in all it was a pretty gd day. I got drug by an Rx7 as well.:gasp: Here are a few pics. At the Burger Shack getting some grub...
  4. re-rx7


    Where would one get sushi grade fish? Is it even wise to do?
  5. re-rx7

    Need Birth Cetificate.

    How does one go about getting a birth certificate in Texas? I know I can send it in to Austin but was just curious if there was abother way? Someone told me I can go to my place of birth (city) and they should have it in file?
  6. re-rx7

    Black Racism? In the aftermath of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous of the NAACP are calling on the black community to rise up in national protest. Yet they know — and Barack...
  7. re-rx7

    Is this legal?

    No refusal for Dui testing? As Fourth of July travelers hurry toward fireworks and barbecues, Oklahoma Highway Patrol's Troop F is making sure drinking and driving isn't part of the...
  8. re-rx7

    Sushi in dallas?

    BEst places or Sushi in DFW? Ive been to the Steel and loved it thinking of going back but figured Id see what everyone on here Likes.
  9. re-rx7

    Escape from LA!

    I watched "escape from La" lastnight and it hit me America is starting to look like that scenario. LOL No red meat, Everyone goes to church, no foul language, one president for life, no women unless married, blah blah. lol
  10. re-rx7

    How do you pork chop?

    So whats your style on pork chops? Boneless.
  11. re-rx7

    Steak help!

    How do you prepare your steak? What sides? My way is getting played out. Instead of hitting goggle thought id see watsup on here.
  12. re-rx7

    The car that got away.

    This is a story about the one car I've owned that lives on with me to this day. I believe everyone has had the car that never leaves their memory. Some may still even have the car and if you do...know that you are lucky. Lets rewind to 2006 and get this story started. I was a 19 yr old kid...
  13. re-rx7

    I hate carnivals.....

    Saw a local carnival going up and decided I would check it out with the lady. Went and got a Funnel cake ,as I always do, which was fucking delicious in my stomach. Then after walking around and playing various games the lady spotted a game she wanted to play. $5 for a bucket of ping pong balls...
  14. re-rx7

    50's, 60's, 70's car warranties.

    Lookin at my car warranty today and got to thinking about what the car warranties of the past were like. Obviously not 100k warranties lol 12/12? input?
  15. re-rx7

    Frito chili pie?

    How do you make yours? Fritos, cheese, onions hot sauce for me.
  16. re-rx7

    Apt lease questions....

    So I cancelled my month to month lease at my apt that Ive been at for 2yrs only to find that the house that I wanted was sold out from underneath me. Im supposed to be out by the 5th of May. Is it possible to cancel the termination? They still have my deposit and my pet deposit. And rent isnt...
  17. re-rx7

    Re-rx7's new ride yet again....

    First domestic ever.....Discuss.
  18. re-rx7

    Oh Look, A bottle flying....

    Yesterday, I was driving home and became a victim of road rage inadvertently at the hands of some fucking thugs. Long story short, A guy in a brand new G37(window sticker in car) was following a older Chrysler 300c and the 300c chunked a glass bottle out of his window to try and hit the G37...
  19. re-rx7

    Biden, "buy yourself a shotgun"!

    gotta kick out this...
  20. re-rx7

    NA 4CYL HP.....

    What do you guys consider a respectable number a n/a 4 cyl with a displacement of about 2.0 liters? Streetable engine, no smog worries.My thought is about 260 whp.