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  1. Bowtie

    Two Of Seventy-Six. . . .

    Wow, I wasn't even aware these cars existed and post war cars are kind of my forte. Nice rides!
  2. Bowtie

    1998 180sx (240sx)

    Keep us updated!
  3. Bowtie

    Welcome to Ricekiller, also known as RKC!

    Welcome to Ricekiller, also known as RKC!
  4. Bowtie

    Guests and Lurkers....

    I see you there, reading all the awesome posts and threads on here but not posting, which helps keep this forum thriving. So do us all a favor and say hi! Post some funny car memes! Don't be shy! This is a place to shoot the breeze about anything car related or whatever is on your mind!
  5. Bowtie

    anyone else get any new cars since rkc was down?

    Got out of the car hobby for a little while after RKC was down. Bought my 93 Z28 a couple years ago and have been shoving all my money into it since. The whole drivetrain and powertrain has been upgraded and she's getting her procharger this Janurary.
  6. Bowtie

    Is RK starting back up?

    Not much locally but there are a few decent tracks around here. Lots of mexico racing though.
  7. Bowtie

    Is RK starting back up?

    I wish. The only legal store in my province is about six hours away. The provincal government is pretty well known for absolutely dropping the ball on simple shit like having three years to set up an infrastructure for something they know is coming, right down to the date. Meh, I'd rather...
  8. Bowtie

    Anyone else come back?

    *Barry Manilow
  9. Bowtie

    Is RK starting back up?

    Oh how I missed you.
  10. Bowtie

    How To Embed Youtube & Streetfire Videos

    Don't EVER underestimate someone's ability to comment on a thread older than dirt.
  11. Bowtie

    We need some changes

    It's a legendary sub-forum of RKC that is intended to be loosely moderated. Basically the HBO of RKC.
  12. Bowtie

    Is RK starting back up?

    Holy fuck, this place is dead as hell right now. I was kind of hoping some of the OGs might hop on and interact but instead they're all being tiny little weiners.
  13. Bowtie

    Edmonton, Alberta...Canada

    More than you can afford, pal.;)
  14. Bowtie

    Edmonton, Alberta...Canada

    I remember being proud of having a really, really slow car too.
  15. Bowtie

    Welcome to RKC WA Edition!

    Seven years later and still ain't shit. Hahaha
  16. Bowtie

    Welcome back Fart Knockers!

    Bought a fourth gen. Put four times its worth into it and I'm still slow.
  17. Bowtie

    Welcome back!!

  18. Bowtie

    Words cannot express how excited I am.

    I don't though. I 'block' them.
  19. Bowtie

    Holy shit tits.

  20. Bowtie

    Words cannot express how excited I am.

    What ads? ;)