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  1. ant speed

    Borderlands 2 (xbox360)

    who's getting it?
  2. ant speed

    in kennedale a couple weeks back slip from that run: best run of the night was 8.706 at 82.66
  3. ant speed

    i'm sure jason's next
  4. ant speed

    truly bored so threw a vid together
  5. ant speed

    Forza 4

    <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="349" width="560"></iframe> <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="349" width="560"></iframe> so i'm guessing since there's no drag racing...
  6. ant speed

    custom or refub'd drive shaft in dfw

    anyone know of any place that i can buy a drive shaft from just in case ford decides to not cover my car under warranty? just looking for a replacement to get my car running (or have as a backup) until i order an aluminum 1 piece
  7. ant speed

    best places to pump gas
  8. ant speed

    already lowered, now thinking about rear shocks

    i've lowered the stang on sportlines but since the drop is lower than 1.5 in back what kind of shocks work best on stangs? (right now stock shocks aren't too horribly bad but could always be better). i keep hearing frpp or koni yellows would work the best for the drop but would like to know from...
  9. ant speed

    finally dropped a little

    thanks to john i finally got the car lowered (better pix to come later but should give a little idea of the difference) before: :thumbsdown::thumbsdown: after: :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. ant speed

    corolla KILLS a ferrari
  11. ant speed

    maybe i read this wrong...

    lets hope they don't screw it up... (3:44 on in vid) edit: forget the title of this, i watched the full vid and it made sense
  12. ant speed

    mortal kombat!!!

    anyone else already pre-order this? got it for $56.98 off amazon. plus they give $10 amazon credit and klassic reptile skin/fatality (for 360, may be different for ps3)
  13. ant speed

    mini is considered a muscle car or am i blind? it's at 1:25 or so. little car really sticks out
  14. ant speed

    ford fpv gt if this were made here, would you buy it? i'm not a 4door fan but given the option i'd seriously think on it
  15. ant speed

    vej or hal... looking for advice

    or anyone but u two were recommended. i bought johngt's factory wheels but the gap in the rear seems MUCH bigger than the front (at least an inch difference with 235/50/zr18) but most lowering spring kits only differ by .5". what would be my best route to take care of the issue? i haven't...
  16. ant speed

    aluminum driveshaft is this a good price for this product? first mustang so gotta ask. i'm looking for ways to save weight (and hopefully knock out all of the weak spots the car could possibly have)
  17. ant speed


    just becaue i'm into movies just curious as to other peoples opinions. what's the best movies (or series of movies) and the worst that you've seen (whether theater/dvd or tv). best - tie between saw 1 - 3 and blade 1 & 2 worst - many of the syfy originals and death race 2 (such a let down)
  18. ant speed

    supercharged 3.7l v6 (procharger kit)
  19. ant speed

    widest tires that will fit on factory 17's

    i current have 225/60 but am wanting to get wider/better tires for more grip.. what is the widest i should be able to go? from what it looks like i will only be able to fit 235/55's but i'm not 100% sure because not much information from what i see
  20. ant speed

    FS: sterling grey metallic corolla spoiiler

    i have a spoiler with the brake light for sale for $250 obo for a 5th gen (??) 03-08 toyota corolla already pained. it may fight 09+ but not 100% sure it's brand new still in the wrapping and was never opened because the car was traded in shortly after it was purchased...