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  1. Procarnut

    SEMA 2013...Who is going?

    Well it's time to plan again. I'm already set to go to SEMA again this year. However this time I'm driving. So, my plan is to leave November 2nd at 6 AM and drive to Albuquerque New Mexico. I will spend the night there and continue to Flagstaff, AZ. and then to Las Vegas. This year the reason...
  2. Procarnut

    Ride to Las Vegas for SEMA. Nov. 2nd to 10th

    Hey Folks, I am planning on going to SEMA and AAPEX again this year. However just for the fun of it, I'm thinking about driving out there. I figured three days out and two days back. I would be leaving November 2nd on Saturday, get to Las Vegas on the Tuesday the 5th, leave Saturday the 9th and...
  3. Procarnut

    River Trip 7 - June 29, 2012.

    River Trip 7... When: June 29th, 30th and July 1st. Where: Wingate by Wyndham Hotel 245 FM 306 New Braunfels, TX 78130 830-515-4701 We have a set of rooms blocked until June 15th. After that date no more blocked rates. Must reserve you room before then...
  4. Procarnut

    Going to the lake this weekend?

    I finally decided to keep my boat. I was going to sell it to get another toy but as luck would have it, i got another toy anyway. So I may head out to the lake in it just to get out. I figured while I'm out there, it would be nice to run into other RKC members too. So if you plan on going...
  5. Procarnut

    River Trip Song Play List.....Vote for your songs.

    Ok River Radio is built and ready for a IPOD or MP3 player. Problem is we need a play list that can go at least 7 hours without repeats. So, Here is your chance to pick your songs for the trip. Keep in mind this is for the public and some songs may not be appropriate for kids to hear. We will...
  6. Procarnut

    Sema Nov. 1st 2011. Only 6 mo. left.

    Planning on going to SEMA and APPEX again this year. Already reserved a room and tickets. Anyone else going?
  7. Procarnut

    No Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia?

    I didn't know that women were not allowed to drive over there. I didn't know they didn't have Paint & Body Shops either! JK. I hope they get to drive soon. If so I'm opening a chain of Body Shops there. :eek:
  8. Procarnut

    Party Cove Lewisville on Memorial Day...Who's there?

    Getting the boat ready for Memorial Day coming up. Planning on going to Party Cove at Lake Lewisville. Anyone else going? So far just myself and the boat. Just planning on sitting back, drinking a few beers and watch the entertainment. Anyone else want to meet up there? I will need help...
  9. Procarnut

    Light on amp goes from green to red in 4 sec.

    I'll keep this simple.. Though elimination I disconnected my patch cables, Speaker wires and only have Power, Remote and Ground connected to amp. Turn radio on and the light goes from green to red in 4 sec. Just to add to this I have another amp next to it and it works fine. So since there is a...
  10. Procarnut

    Cheering for a Hail Storm! I know it's sacrilege.....but

    When you own a body shop it is great for business. Not wishing it on anyone but could use more work. Hope all is well with everyone and no one gets hurt. :thumbsup:
  11. Procarnut

    Shops that rip people off! Ticks me off.

    I have a Shop in Hillsboro which I own and operate. I mainly do paint and body work but occasionally mechanical too. I'm a ASE Master Tech in Mechanical and Auto body plus L1 Certified. So if your wondering yes (A1-A8, B1-B5 and L1). I have a friend who also has a shop but specializes in another...
  12. Procarnut

    I guess I shouldn't complain.

    For the last two weeks i have been working from 7-8 am all the way till 10 -12 at night. I own my own shop and i am the grunt too. So today i had a salesman stop by. He took me by surprise by saying "Wow you are busy!" And I was like "busy is a understatement". As I told him what I had going in...
  13. Procarnut

    K2 is now classified as a Narcotic and Illegal.

    Just Found out that as of March 1st K2 is now labeled as a narcotic and illegal to have and consume. Just FYI. I don't use it but for those who do....:lmao:
  14. Procarnut

    Recieved Text: "Are you still fuc*n my wife?"

    Yep, Just what the tittle says...I got a text message today. "Are you Still Fucking my wife?". Now I haven't slept with anyone married so don"t think I did. Not into sleeping with married women either. So yes I do have morals. I called the number that the text came from and got a sales message...
  15. Procarnut

    River Trip 2011?

    Yes, I'm bringing this up now during the cold weather and why not? This is the time of the year when i think of things like this. Any thoughts for the upcoming rive trip? I'm in again but i will probably room alone this time. Maybe? Anyway I have been contemplating plans for the River Radio and...
  16. Procarnut

    Ethynol eating away your fuel system!

    Being as multi-able as I am in the repair business I run into things that just make me ask WTF! Beside doing paint, body, suspension, electrical, performance and the whole enchilada, I do a little unique side work too. Well I was workin on a professional grade carpet cleaner for one of my...
  17. Procarnut

    Looking for an evening or overnight job.

    Looking for a full or part time job in the evenings or overnight. Just need something to do. Any ideas? Or is there anyone hiring?
  18. Procarnut

    How many RKC's have boats and meet for a Party Cove?

    Like the above says....Who has a boat and want to meet for a party cove event?
  19. Procarnut

    Do you think my boat is telling me something?

    Well I have a 1988 Bayliner Capri that I restored about 6 years ago. I mean Engine rebuild, Lower unit rebuild, carpet, upholstery and re-generated the fiberglass. It's practically a new boat. SO after years of No (none what so ever) problems with it, It suddenly gave me hell this weekend. I...
  20. Procarnut

    What are you doing for Memorial Day?

    What are you doing for Memorial Weekend? I don't know yet but a day at the lake in the boat sounds like fun. What about you?:thumbsup: