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  1. mmadden55

    Women fighting IS

    The PKK and it's Syrian Kurdish afiliate YPG, are secular organizations. Not religous. While the majority are Moslems, not all are. 40% of their COMBAT TROOPS ARE WOMEN. They are treated equally with the men. Most units have male and female commanders. Women wear the same uniforms, have the...
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    Series of Huge explosions in China!

    At least 44 people are now known to have died, and more than 500 injured, following two major explosions in China's northern port city of Tianjin. Twelve firefighters were among the dead, China's official Xinhua news agency said as it reported a doubling of the death toll. Two blasts happened in...
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    So you want a Woman President?

    OK I can live with that, I would vote for this one. A8b-tOYJhho
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    Knife Attack in Sweden

    Swedish Ikea knife attack in Vasteras leaves two dead * 10 August 2015* * From the sectionEurope Ikea storePolice said a man had been arrested on suspicion of murder at the Ikea shop in Vasteras, Sweden Two people have been killed and another seriously injured in a knife attack at an...
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    The Joker

    The Joker got life with no parole. So we the taxpayers get to pay 50 k a year for him to sit in a 6x12 concrete hole in till he dies of natural causes in 60 or 70 years, how does that make any kind of rational logical sense? There is no question he did it so why not just shoot him in the head...
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    Hunting in Jurrasic Park

    For those venturing into Jurrasic Park GM6 BBiV-necCPc
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    Terror on the Beach

    From the BBC Magazine
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    Gun Control lies.

    When they have to lie routinely to make a point maybe they don't have one.
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    Skip to the Maloo my Darling!

    Man why don't they sell this stuff here? aGwAk3SiHQE
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    Obama says we need gun control.

    I'm sorry Obama that you and your fellow leftest elitist authoritarian types don't seem to understand you already have gun control. In fact you cannot buy a gun in this country without the FBI saying you can. In fact most places which have MORE gun control laws have higher Gun murder rates...
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    Diesel Challenge 15

    Day 1 9wdG3d4VFJA Day 2 UCgok26UVko Day 3 3Zg-A-aLhQI
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    Mary Pozzi's Camaro

    Mary is one of the best autocross drivers in the world. She also is an automotive journalist for the Peterson group. When she converted this car to LS2 power the conversion was in Hot Rod. Z9Vz-42Kc2s
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    The Very Most Insane Trike ever.

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    Riding a T72 fighting for Assad

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    Swedish Tank

    NT-8X2JOcAc MiWCpIJ5dBw Want to activate English subtitles on this one unless you speak Swedish
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    US Personnel office UBER FAIL

    Huge data breach prompts resignation of top US official * 3 minutes ago* * From the sectionUS & Canada of BBC WorldNews Katherine Archuleta The director of the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has resigned after a massive data breach involving more than 20 million people...
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    25 Accents

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    Rock Legends

    Grace Slick Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock 1969 OXKEMnDnQ4c
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    Krauthammer on War in Iraq