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  1. mmadden55

    Women fighting IS

    The PKK and it's Syrian Kurdish afiliate YPG, are secular organizations. Not religous. While the majority are Moslems, not all are. 40% of their COMBAT TROOPS ARE WOMEN. They are treated equally with the men. Most units have male and female commanders. Women wear the same uniforms, have the...
  2. mmadden55

    U.S. Concerns Grow About Turkish Bombardment of Kurdish Separatists

    The PKK is probably aside from Assad the most effective force fighting IS in Syria and northern Iraq. YPG being affiliates of the PKK.
  3. mmadden55

    Does race matter when cops pull the trigger?

    Poor people commit more crime than others, latins more than whites, blacks more than anybody. That is a fact. As a cop regardless or what race the cop is, or gender, men commit much more hard crime than women, you are going to be more suspicious of blacks and latins particularly young poor male...
  4. mmadden55

    So you want a Woman President?

    Biden has,been portrayed,in the popular media as an idiot, so he like Perry is damaged, this is his last chance to go for it so he may.
  5. mmadden55

    The 4-Cylinder Toyota Tacoma Is Completely Pointless

    I agree should make Toyota execs all drive it.
  6. mmadden55

    ISIS Used Mustard Gas Against Kurdish Forces in Iraq, U.S. Believes

    ? They are still letting anybody into Syria to fight IS, and not allowing (in theory) people in to fight for IS or Assad. However they seem to be getting in anyhow. I am confused, did you mean allowing wounded into Turkey from Syria? IDK if that is the case. They are supposedly setting up a safe...
  7. mmadden55

    Explosion rocks central Bangkok, killing 27, police say

    If they keep on with this sooner or later it is going to end up with everybody else in the whole world vs Islam.
  8. mmadden55

    ISIS Used Mustard Gas Against Kurdish Forces in Iraq, U.S. Believes

    They presumably have the capacity, they have captured oil refinerys, ot they may have captured it from the Syrians. I wouldn't put it past them. I'm sure they will use anything they can to wage Jihad. Speaking of which in a new low for the Turks they are no longer allowing Kurds KIA...
  9. mmadden55

    Report: BMW Is Working On Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Frames

    More power to them then.
  10. mmadden55

    ‘We will pay the butcher’s bill in blood': General issues stern warning

    Those who do not learn from histories mistakes are doomed to repeat them.
  11. mmadden55

    Series of Huge explosions in China!

    At least 44 people are now known to have died, and more than 500 injured, following two major explosions in China's northern port city of Tianjin. Twelve firefighters were among the dead, China's official Xinhua news agency said as it reported a doubling of the death toll. Two blasts happened in...
  12. mmadden55

    So you want a Woman President?

    I can live with Ben too. 31ONXVpdVl4 My favorites in descending order Mario Rubio Carly Fiorina Jeb Bush That said Walker, Cruz, Perry would all make solid Presidents, I like Carson and I agree with a lot of what he says, he is sound idealogically but I think a President needs to have...
  13. mmadden55

    U.S. Concerns Grow About Turkish Bombardment of Kurdish Separatists

    That haven't flown a single strike against IS in Syria? Not one? Great I think that tears it then.
  14. mmadden55

    Fab Fifties

    OMG! It's true! xqcBjVwYdaw Now if he had just been an El Paso dealer who parked them in the desert......
  15. mmadden55

    So you want a Woman President?

    OK I can live with that, I would vote for this one. A8b-tOYJhho
  16. mmadden55

    Does Tesla lose $4,000 on each Model S? No

    Figured Musk was smarter than that.
  17. mmadden55

    Its Official NO FLY ZONE over syria is being implemented

    Seems like our enemies may be shifting again Al Qaeda is going to stop fighting IS which means Al Nusra will as well and may ally with them even worse. The nofly is a tinly little bitty step in the right direction, full unconditional airsupport for FSA and US proxies as well as YPG would be...
  18. mmadden55

    Turkey launches heaviest air strikes yet on Kurdish group

    Al Nusra will probably shift sides as well, not that they were ever on ours, but they will likely quit fighting IS and possibly cooperate with them.
  19. mmadden55

    Knife Attack in Sweden

    The point being here, that nutjob psycho murders exist everywhere even in Sweden which has next to none of our problems, you cannot find a better run, more stable middle class country than Sweden.
  20. mmadden55

    OMG.. US outraged Turkey pulled a fast one and attacked Kurds instead of ISIS??

    In a nutshell. Erdogan faked Obama out of his pants. He gave US the use of the Airbase, and agreed to fly against IS. His intention was to restart the Kurd war with Turkey to reverse their political gains within the country. And apparently no one knew or cared to know what his true agenda was...