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  1. TBrad

    Are Scooters Welcome?

    I just read about some issues y'all are having with bikes. I just bought a bike and was looking forward to stopping by the Monday Meet with it. Just wondering if I'd be welcome? :shrugs: Here's the beast...
  2. TBrad

    Horseman Fire Reflection on Egyptian Security Video

    Anyone care to share their thoughts on the security video? Odd coincidence? :twisted:
  3. TBrad

    More Obama LuLz

    Seriously? :lmao:
  4. TBrad

    Scissor Lift LoLs

    Not sure if this was real or set up but... :lol:!
  5. TBrad

    So what was it?

    Oops.. someone pushed the red button.
  6. TBrad

    Just Got Overpaid...

    Yep, I turned in my monthly expense statement for October for $800 and some change. For some strange reason accounting paid out to me a check for $1450! What would you do? Return the check and have them reissue you a new one? :angel: Get to the bank and cash that bitch right now...
  7. TBrad

    Back to the Future DeLorean up for sale...

    Starting bid... $80k. Yes, you can own the real Flux Capaciter. :lol: Download the auction house catalog here... Page 29 for the DeLorean details. Alot of other cool...
  8. TBrad

    Got my hair cut for the first time...

    at a Sports Clips in my area, by a DUDE! Seriously? That was just weird. I thought Sports Clips was all about... Not... There were a few hot chicks there but they were busy. I thought about walking out but I was in a hurry and just said screw it. What would you do? Discuss...
  9. TBrad

    Mustang Acrobat.

    Don't worry the guy walked away... First video shows the aftermath close up.
  10. TBrad

    A sure sign the wheels are falling off the Obama political machine.
  11. TBrad

    Just got a speeding ticket from 2007???

    Yep, I was on my way to Ennis(Texas Motorplex) going down I45 and got pulled over for speeding. 79 in a 60 I think it was and the State Trooper wrote me a strange looking hand written ticket. So I signed it and was back on my way. BACK IN 2007!! They (City of Lancaster -Dallas County) just now...
  12. TBrad

    Google Sketchup Anyone use this or know of other free sketching programs?
  13. TBrad

    More Discount Problems.

    Well I just got treated like shit when I asked to get the "RICEKILLER Discount". Basically to make a long story short. I got a quote on a set of two BFG's 275/35-ZR20 KDW's. I had them order the tires and when I came in to have them installed I mentioned the ricekiller discount-Store Manager...
  14. TBrad

    Buying My First Smartphone.

    It's time to upgrade... Getting ready to buy my first smart phone. Who would you recommend to go with for the best service,coverage, and price? Single line Main usage will be for... Corporate Email Web Text Phone
  15. TBrad

    How come...

    No matter how much money you make.... It's just never enough? :( Discuss...
  16. TBrad

    Tired of this...

    AND What's going on? I have to sign in every time now. It use to remember but now it doesn't work anymore. Also have to wait 5 sec. every time I hit the NEW POSTS button.
  17. TBrad

    Seth vs Sarah

    Anyone watch last weekends episode? The low blow starts at 15min 35sec.
  18. TBrad

    Rejected Entrance to Toyota Racing Sponsafy Contest.

    Go here and design your own version of the NASCAR Racing Toyota. Take a screen shot and post up your best. Here's one of mine with Michael Waltrip but was denied. :thumbsdown: And another...
  19. TBrad

    Olympic Luger Dies On Test Run.
  20. TBrad

    Night Clubs 2010

    What and where are some of the better night clubs to check out this year? Keep in mind I'm a thirty-something. :lol: