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  1. TBrad

    My new bike!

    Jeez... I thought you meant motor bike.
  2. TBrad

    Anyone have experience painting garage floors?

    The good stuff from Sherwin Williams is $340 for a 3 gallon kit. Let me know when your ready to DIY. I buy it all the time to touch up the floors at the chemical plant.
  3. TBrad

    Are Scooters Welcome?

    96" S&S
  4. TBrad

    Are Scooters Welcome?

    I don't mind parking next to the fuzz. They'll keep my bike safe.
  5. TBrad

    Are Scooters Welcome?

    I just read about some issues y'all are having with bikes. I just bought a bike and was looking forward to stopping by the Monday Meet with it. Just wondering if I'd be welcome? :shrugs: Here's the beast...
  6. TBrad

    Dallas commissioner Tells Citizens to go To Hell

    Nah... they wouldn't oust Price for this. He'd have to be white and be telling a crowd of black people to go to hell for that to happen.
  7. TBrad

    Horseman Fire Reflection on Egyptian Security Video

    Yeah, there are other better videos of this security camera footage that show exactly how the image came to be but this one gave me goose bumps so I posted it. :lol:
  8. TBrad

    Horseman Fire Reflection on Egyptian Security Video

    Anyone care to share their thoughts on the security video? Odd coincidence? :twisted:
  9. TBrad

    Captain America....

    I guess it will be hard for the human torch and captain america to be in the same movie now?
  10. TBrad

    Wake up northern GA!!!!!!!!!!!

    This looks like a nice little corner to take a nap in.... zzzzzzzzzz
  11. TBrad

    Man enters police station and starts shooting..

    Yeah they're coming out of the woodwork.
  12. TBrad

    More Obama LuLz

    Seriously? :lmao:
  13. TBrad

    Need Lambo doors installed

    Come on guys... Vertical doors are cool.... See she likes them. :p
  14. TBrad

    Virgin America Airlines

    Yeah I was pissed after I booked my Xmas trip when I learned they were come to D/FW... Those planes are saaweeeet!
  15. TBrad

    Earth's rotation causes new zodiac sign changes

    Huh? I'm a Scorpio now... HOLY COW! It all makes sense now!!!
  16. TBrad

    The homeless man with a Golden Felony rap sheet

    Yep, drunk post... sorry about that. But I do know more than you think being a recovering addict myself. Been clean now for 6 years... not including alcohol. :lol: Honestly though, I do believe no one quits doing dope unless they want to.
  17. TBrad

    The homeless man with a Golden Felony rap sheet

    Enlighten us Sir Smoke Alot. Lets see.... Step #1 Drop a rock into a glass pipe add heat and toke away... ohhhh that feels goooood. Repeat on a hourly basis... poof drug addict. After a few weeks that gets old. Step #2 Slurp up some smack into a syringe... insert into vein... poof junkie...
  18. TBrad

    The homeless man with a Golden Felony rap sheet

    :bullshit: Something tells me you don't know who or what the fuck your talking about. A person only quits if they want to. I'm sure with all that money rolling in and all the family issues he'll be wanting to have Dr. Feel Good stopping by real soon.
  19. TBrad

    The homeless man with a Golden Felony rap sheet

    He'll be back on the crack in no time. Once a junkie always a junkie.
  20. TBrad

    Special Edition - SUPER BOWL CAR MEET - Monster Energy Bash

    Not if it's freezing cold out!