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  1. Somaiah0

    Jesus christ!

    i think the last time i was on here, was before the Evo. maybe with the r6? damn im slacking. lets go get wings.
  2. Somaiah0

    What is your favorite bike and why?

    I think id have to go will Buell. Having rode a Lightning xb12s for a few years, i think it helped me take corners alot better on my Yamaha now.
  3. Somaiah0

    shitty attitude/work

    I DO NOT recommend going here. I used to believe the workmanship was good and i could handle being treated like shit, but ever since i was charged 700 dollars, waited two months for a small weld to be done, and then have said weld break in a day, i will never recommend this place to anyone.
  4. Somaiah0

    Street racing

    What is your view/opinion on said activity? im not saying anyone here does it ;), but how do you feel about it?
  5. Somaiah0

    Exhaust shops

    What are some good exhaust places in MN, and please dont say Tim's custom. that place is a joke.
  6. Somaiah0


    So does anyone actually use this thing? i downloaded it, and no one else is ever on!!
  7. Somaiah0

    MN Sport Bikes and Sleds

    Anyone with Sleds for this winter, or sport bikes for this spring interested in doing a little riding with Zerogravity?
  8. Somaiah0

    Winter Mods

    What is everyone trying to do with their ride over the winter? im doing some small maintenance stuff to the buell. Thinking about getting some rims for the Yukon and maybe some HIDs