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  1. PEDRO

    Starbucks Diet

    Jared, you just got served.
  2. PEDRO

    A lil weight loss

    Well I've decided to share a lil bit with you guys and gals about a lil journey that started about 4 years ago. Well, it all started out as a bet with my coworker to lose some weight. I had tipped the scales at 240(6'2") in 2008 by eating out everyday, smoking and getting them there munchies and...
  3. PEDRO

    Healthy food

    Any good recipes from you guys? I recently found an easy one that I make in the a.m. 1 egg 1/2 cup oats lil bit of cinamon and a bit of water Stir the egg and then add the oats and continue to stir adding water and cinammon. Makes like pancake batter, make like a pancake and bam... add...
  4. PEDRO

    its my bday

    Now tell me hbd, tia. paypal [email protected]
  5. PEDRO

    Dont give in December

    Fuck all you bitches for shaving already, buncha fucking hipsters
  6. PEDRO

    ITT: we reccomend Netflix movies

    The Killing Jar
  7. PEDRO

    Bowtie GTFIH

    Your new avy
  8. PEDRO

    psp for sale 150

    Have a Psp for sale, not the newest model but it is new in box. Has 3 games with it. Will have to update this when I get home.
  9. PEDRO

    ive been clean

    I deleted my FB account and now im bored, no one to troll on.
  10. PEDRO

    DO YoU

    Let a stripper "know" your hard or do you hide it?
  11. PEDRO

    Dr. Phil, medical question

    What would happen if I bang a chick with no rubber with her having a urinary tract infection? MY dick has been a bit irritated lately but I just shook it off to thinking I didnt clean behind my foreskin correctly. Is there any topical cream I could use to take the irritation away, maybe the same...
  12. PEDRO

    I like

    I like how he stands in front if windows, im lost.
  13. PEDRO

    PS# issue

    Well bought me a PS3, I cant get the damn thing to connect to the PS3 network, gave me an error code (left the number at home). Any insight on how to possibly fix the issue?
  14. PEDRO

    Amnesty Deadline Approaching Quickly!

    The last day to apply for the Driver Responsibility Amnesty Program is approaching quickly. Eligible drivers have until Thursday, April 7 to sign up for the program that will allow them to pay only 10 percent of what they owe up to $250 and reinstate their suspended driver licenses...
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    Post them as I will only masturbate to pics posted in this thread from now on. i will "check in" when I enter the thread and "skeet" when I'm done.
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    Well its not my bday today or tommorow but I was born btween the 28 and the 1st, guess I'll wait till next year
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    Subway Jared died yesterday?
  18. PEDRO

    Coral garden?? How the hell did one man accomplish this?
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    Frame help

    Need help finding a new set of frames for my perscription. Im looking for black, thick frames. Ive been searching but cant come up with anything,brand doesnt matter. TIA for any help.