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  1. itsmacintosh

    Big cam. Stock TBI Bad idea?

    Just wondering what i would have to do to a 91 chevy TBI computer if i Put a massive cam in a 5.7L (350) Thanks Sarah Faye
  2. itsmacintosh

    1972 Dodge pick up slant 6 vlave adjustment?

    Is the slant 6 hydrolic lifters our is it a tapet? Thanks Sarah
  3. itsmacintosh

    2000 s10 warm starting issue 2.2l non flex fuel

    My 2000 s10 takes a few seconds to start when it warm. when i starts in runs fine. There is no codes and it doesnt lack power. its not running rich nor lean. Some one said to replace the fuel systems spider. Mine is Common rail. and i really dont want to change out the whole fuel system. i have...
  4. itsmacintosh

    Good Places to see Whats out there

    I am just wondering where there are any good meets to see whats out there. I am hearing so much about them on RK, I dont want to race just to see whats out there you know? :thumbsup: :texas:
  5. itsmacintosh

    I <3 my Honda.

    My Neigbors got a 199? Honda Civic V tech and the V tech wont disengage. so litteraly its like running a HUGE Cam it a tiny ass engine all the time:lmao: any ways so his dumb ass comes over to his motorcycle mechanic buddy (ME) and asked me to fix it he said he would pay me. ANY HELP? I hate...
  6. itsmacintosh

    What would you say to a scooter at a drag race

    I drag race scooters. Now i know what your thinking DORK! :lmao: But when i fire the bike up and do my run no ones laughing anymore. Its quite! Normally i get rude or very funny Comments Mostly funny. What would you say to a scooter? :thumbsup::thumbsdown:??