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  1. avsp

    Hey ... (wot comes next?)(best is last)(we did repetition)

    Today's his death day All of these are good & each interesting (honest) in their own way Really great live mix on this one & thus played very loud, solid drumming too, ..., summat wrong with the crowd tho a few years earlier a Londres, again...
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    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    first off, complaints should be addressed to sum wun who gifs a fuk secondly obey all the rules ok, ready? lets do it {one point for recognising where the above comes from, deduct a point if you dont} one measures a circle beginning anywhere, ..., but one shouyld always begin here...
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    FOAD: Well, if ya gotta do then ... My fanx to Mr Fry n' 'is 'elves' n' tha' fer dis wun
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    Fun for all the family One can do a comparison between say Fall fans & those of, say, Billy Idol for instance. Tho to really take the piss you need to click down a bit & look at the 'z-scores', ya lower class girl Now, it can be argued that this post is a bit...
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    Wot?! No 'His Holiness'? etc

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    Stanford: Revs Digital Library

    ok, maybe yer all already well acquainted with this but I just stumbled across it &, well you know, 'for ov you lot' seems the pic lib is the 'new-ish' bit aint...
  7. avsp

    EO 12333

    Seeing how the board is so very very keen on saying that Obama's mother smells of wee-wee (& the like) I fort I'd create this ffred Lots of scope here to accuse every/anyone of being 'like Hitler', or of being a 'duplicitous cunt', or of attempting to 'build 1984' & even a sideline in...
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    If Dave loses the next UK General Election

    If Dave 'Pinkie the empathy lacking sociopath' Cameron fails to secure a Tory party victory at the next UK General Election then he'll, most likely, according the the press, face a party leadership challenge from blond badly bouffant-ed Boris 'BoJo', 'Wherez me trousers' Johnson. Sepian-born, of...
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    Lice, clothes, volcanos, evolution, migration & human extinction

    Its an interesting, well written read Not too sure about some of his 'human 2.0' stuff & its hardly heavily referenced etc but nevertheless ...
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    You'll never walk alone

    OK, for any of you interested in whats totally dominating the news agenda over here these last few days. Front page of all but one of the national papers today & the entire front page of many Listen to this Whilst reading this, ..., a tale of a...
  11. avsp

    "I believe we're all cheering on the inside"

    I cried laffing & drew a small crowd in the library doing so. Total effing genius
  12. avsp

    Your chance to eff up my life of leisure

    I am, right now, getting inducted into a workfare course. Attendance is mandatory, participation is compulsory & a 'genuinely meaningful job-search' is required, otherwise my dole is cut-off As part of the induction they are 'getting to know me'. I'm going to show them the 'offical' thread...
  13. avsp

    Kim Jong-Il Dead

    According to NK TV, according to BBC. I wonder how long Jong-Un will rule?
  14. avsp

    Grantham, again

    Well respected investment adviser, expert market bubble analyst, former brit but now Texas resident J Grantham has once again written some easy for the layman stuff on malthusian concerns & the future trends Some of this is amazing, (Yeman, soil errosion, Morocco & its phosphorus & his 'devil...
  15. avsp

    Go on granny, giv 'em some unfortunately there's a fair chance this wont play outside the UK, but you just never know do ya? [edit] this yt has a greater chance of working, ..., probably 1f3zuK4beCA notice how far she runs at the very start whilst plenty of other...
  16. avsp

    Its all kicking off in Egypt

    Right now I aint got rolling news on my tv for another hour but i'm following it on twitter where the tags are #tahir #egypt and #jan25 its water canons seized, massive use of tear gas an much to-ing and fro-ing. If Mubarek does fall it wont be low-life crims stepping up like in Tunisia but the...
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    Stupid's stupid thread of stupidness

    Ok, ..., I was tempted to make this many posts but decided not to, ..., also was tempted to put it in OT but ... . Meanwhile, I can but most earnestly hope that those who find me, quite frankly, overly tiresome are able to exercise their ire to the fullest extent of their abilities, ..., the...
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    When will it?

    Answers on a postcard, (or the back of a sealed down envelope), to the usual address
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    Truely pathetic 'join-in' attempt

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    Throne of Weapons

    This is item 98 in BBC Radio 4's "History of the world in 100 objects"