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  1. avsp

    Holy shit tits.

    wavy-wave maybe next week when i've me sh*t togeffer i'll post about wots nu round my way, ..., theres a lot bus colors spice zombies no cops at all anywhere & the chief cop tries to get a front page every day telling ppl thios (as if they didnt know) my run in with vigillantes that were so...
  2. avsp

    We need some changes

    the bar was to overcome assorted objections on various 'moderation' issues & as there's no new content no such problem arises, ..., really, ..., kinda so youlot(tm) better generate some or i'll've to teltz yer about, ..., oh I dunno, ..., how I'm having my daily rides repainted, be a pain in...
  3. avsp

    Roll Call

  4. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    yeah it came with a vpn advice/warning did it not? Heres the Good Doctor Clarke will see you now, on unregional yt, ..., hopefully
  5. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    GET YER VPN ON FALL Has Mr Smith pissed hissen or wot? SLEAFORDS FAT WHITE FAMILY...
  6. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    lets have a tune, an old fave are the skeafords gaining any media traction over there in sepia? i know they've visited & done at least one tour massively impressive imo likely to be the soundtrack to coverage of the next bout of UK rioting...
  7. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    heres just one example, the puters need to be be reset all the effing time each time they switch the num lock off yet the UJM login is a 12 digit number that is allocated to you that you cant change the whole thing is bespoke & they know exactly what keyboards will be used lots of...
  8. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    ffs not asnother massive post from that effing idiot ok this is an answer to the question "what is pissing you off right now?" just to explain 'sanctioning' is having yer welfare benefits suspended for at least a month, possibly 3 years UJM = Universal Job Match the UK states job listing site...
  9. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    bump for sig change Ok you probably know of the eye test fingy of "better with .. or without ... with ... without" etc as you are asked to compare vision with two different strength lenses ok so now imagine you've an eye condition that not only blur the letters on the lit screen but also...
  10. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    Saw did n' fory of you lot(tm) probably not that informative for the dedicated but ...
  11. avsp

    Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear host, suspended by BBC after 'fracas'

    ffs, geezer if the framing of it all is that effing important to ya Snowden employer wasnt the NSA was it? Clearly intel is a state service that should 'properly' be hollowed out then, is it not? I mean its not like democratic oversight of such stuff serves any purpose at all is it? I...
  12. avsp

    Denmark could face attack if joins NATO shield: Russian ambassador

    Hardly surprising that 'missile defence' facilities/nations would be targeted is it? & missile defence is destabilising in a geo-political/MAD sense anyways, is it not? the framing & counter-framing of the original comments, the article, the ffred';s title & the subsequent comments kinda...
  13. avsp

    Why ISIS now has a 5-star hotel for its fighters

    Hassan-i Sabbah is supposedly where we get the words 'assassin' & 'hashish' from Mind you this is all according to Robert Anton Wilson who was a notorious 'put-on' artist Problem with the whole 'garden of earthly delight' scenario is that it depends not only on a reliable 'multi-day multi-drug...
  14. avsp

    Hey ... (wot comes next?)(best is last)(we did repetition)

    Today's his death day All of these are good & each interesting (honest) in their own way Really great live mix on this one & thus played very loud, solid drumming too, ..., summat wrong with the crowd tho a few years earlier a Londres, again...
  15. avsp

    Iraqi forces push into Tikrit.

    there are other forces too I believe. One wobders if they'll start fighting amongst themselves should Tikrit fall, ..., or will they be too busy 'dealing with the civilians', ..', or maybe they've already decdided to 'fall out amongst each other' at some later already defined point Looks...
  16. avsp

    Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Use May Have Violated Federal Requirements: Report

    so hang on, Barry's trying to knobble her & Barry's to blame for everything including you stubbing your toe last thursday week this must put you in a considerable quandary dunnit! Personally I suspect that shes not been accepting money from whoever Barry did. Cant prove it of course, but...
  17. avsp

    Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear host, suspended by BBC after 'fracas'

    Well, privatising the profit whilst keeping the costs public doesnt sound like socialism to me, ...., ymmv sounds more like socialism being deliberately crippled & using the tqaxpayer to subsidise private profit didnt used to be this way the inital change did come about in Kennady-ish times...
  18. avsp

    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    I was walking down the street the other day ("ay! studont! ay! studont!" etc) Walking past Digbeth nick in Brum city centre, recalling all ancient tales of members of the EnF Div getting a kicking round the back from the state's oppression apparatus for being young, a bit 'irish-ish', working...
  19. avsp

    St. Louis county police: 2 officers shot in Ferguson

    Arent some of them cops from previously disbanded-due-to-systemic-governance-failure police departments just down the road? Or is that somewhere else?, I've not been keeping on top on the story, really. Still its good to see all the nice nice ppl at the NRA (& their 'fellow travellers')...
  20. avsp

    Fast And Furious Threw Real Fake Cars Out Of A Real Airplane

    Wot unlike the vast majority of the rest of Hollyweird for the last, ..., oooooh nigh on a hundred years you mean?