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  1. Bartman

    Funny stuff

  2. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Doing some body work and full re-paint to the Monte Carlo. Had a few rust spots behind the wheels, cutting out then will put new metal in.
  3. Bartman

    From freedom to fascism (most important video to watch)

    Anyone familiar with hollywood producer Aaron Russo ("The Rose," "Trading Places") ? Well, he has an excellent video recently released that really digs deep into our eroding freedoms in America. He started out on a quest to settle the score on the whole income tax debate, but that only opened up...
  4. Bartman

    Any Sherman or Dension GTGs?

    I've seen stickers on a couple cars around the Sherman/Denison are recently. Any get togethers happen in this area?
  5. Bartman

    Pics from recent car show in Melissa, TX

    Here's some pics I took while at a car show where I was supplying sound for the concert. First 4 pics are of the bands that played, then the rest are the cars.
  6. Bartman


    I went to Sonic this evening and saw some cars with RICEKILLER.COM stickers, so I'm here checking it out. Cool stuff. I share the distaste for rice, so sounds like the place for me to be. About me: I'm 33, a network administrator by day, and a DJ and/or concert sound and lighting...