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  1. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Starting polishing...
  2. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Got the color on...
  3. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Update on the Monte.... primer and sealer coat done, will be getting the color coat soon.
  4. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Last year was building the motor, this year is body restoration... here's a short video of the first start, but this one was with the old carburetor on it. I have since then upgraded to a Holley Sniper EFI (as seen in my avatar pic)
  5. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    New metal filling in the rust hole behind the rear wheel...
  6. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Finished color will be "dark cherry"... going back the same color.
  7. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Front end put back together for fitment before painting... still some other areas to fix before the painting begins though.
  8. Bartman

    Funny stuff

  9. Bartman

    Is RK starting back up?

    I got the email notification too, so I'm back... for now. We'll see if it picks up with more car discussion topics. I've been posting updates on my current project restoring my 1975 Monte Carlo.
  10. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Also a sweet find... new original stock still in the factory box since 1975, found in a warehouse, replacement headlight frames.
  11. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Got the finder smoothed and primered, ready to reassemble...
  12. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Old fender removed and replacement fender partially prepped...
  13. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    I happen to have a spare front left finder been in storage for years, so going to use it and replace the rusted out finder. Got the front end tore down...
  14. Bartman

    1975 Monte Carlo resoration

    Doing some body work and full re-paint to the Monte Carlo. Had a few rust spots behind the wheels, cutting out then will put new metal in.
  15. Bartman

    Red River Showdown, April 26th, 2008 Texas vs. Oklahoma 1/4 Mile!

    I would have liked to make it, but I'm already booked on April 26. Also, I don't know if my car would help or hinder the Texas side... it's decent, but not exceptionally fast. I've never timed it at a track, but would guess it's a low 14 or high 13 in the 1/4 mile. N.A. (no power adders) V8...
  16. Bartman

    Tax dollars and revolutionary war

    The "terrorist attacks" are caused by our own government. It's been going on for a LONG time. 9-11 was an inside job, just like the attack on the USS Liberty back in 1967. As far as taxes go, if you haven't seen this film yet, then you really need to. This film "America - From Freedom to...
  17. Bartman

    Guys get 20 years only for beheading 3 school girls

    Just the opposite actually. At least for Christians. Christianity supports the death penalty.
  18. Bartman

    Street Racing

    Well, you have to concider that the news media equates anything over about 85 MPH to be a "high rate of speed". I remember watching a news story on TV with live feed from a helicopter and the news reporter was saying the car being chased was reaching speeds up to 90 MPH !!!!111oneone. It was...
  19. Bartman

    350 v 383

    A truck is all the more reason to have gone stroker!!! Where are you going to be spending most of your driving time? That's right, in relatively low RPM range. That's where the extra torque makes a HUGE difference. A LOT easier to pull a trailer, and acceleration is greatly improved. And I...
  20. Bartman

    what do you consider N/A

    Oxygen masks do NOT force air into your lungs. Of course there is some pressure on the lines from the tank to the mask, but that is so you don't have to suck on it like a straw. An oxygen mask is a PERFECT analogy to N2O injection. If you just sit there and don't inhale, the oxygen just stays...