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  1. mattzoom

    Half mile racing compilation I made!

    Video I made from a previous event!
  2. mattzoom

    1000hp Camaro Burnout The Speedsociety 1000hp Camaro does a Burnout at SEMA
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    End Of The World Prank!
  4. mattzoom

    Ford GT exhaust! Whipple vs Twin Turbo

    Comparison of two Ford GT exhaust notes! One is a stock Ford GT with a whipple and the other is a Twin Turbo 1200hp Ford GT
  5. mattzoom

    By far the best party at SEMA 2012

    Just a little fun here lol Hoonigan burnout party at SEMA 2012!!
  6. mattzoom

    Ride Of the Century ROC 2012 Cops block highway bikes evade

    this is nutsssssss!!!! quote from the video description- "Ride Of the Century ROC 2012 FTP Missouri State Highway Patrol abuse of force on motorcyclists The following video...
  7. mattzoom

    Rob Dyrdek Camaro delivery to the Fantasy Factory!

    Hey guys we delivered Robs car last weekend and slapped this little video together. Was a blast getting to ride around with Rob around the streets of LA. "Speedsociety delivers Rob...
  8. mattzoom

    Ferrari 458 Spider Runs Over Cop "I was walking around Soho, NYC today when I stumbled upon this Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with a cop writing a ticket next to it. I started to record the situation because I thought it’d make a cool video, little did I know what I was...
  9. mattzoom

    EPIC video teaser by Egarage

    For the love of video also featured Freaking EPIC
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    Viper+Corvette+Sunset= This

    Video is up from last night testing out my new crane/tripod/DSLR still have a lot of work to get better, check it out -
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  12. mattzoom

    HRE Wheels Open House 2012

    Just picked up my first DSLR a Sony A55 friday night and was at a show saturday morning so please let me know where I need work. Thanks Here is a video I made from the same day.
  13. mattzoom

    Hennessey Venom GT

    Go watch Matt Farah test drive the Hennessey Venom GT in this exclusive video from the Drive Channel.
  14. mattzoom

    New whip (pics inside)

    well I finally got a ZO6 its an 02 with 34k miles on it and so far I love it but need to learn how todrive it hahahaha Only mods I have done so far are valvesprings :) heres some phone pics for now will wash it up and take more later.
  15. mattzoom

    Shift-S3ctor Willow Springs Raceway Trailer 6/9/12

    The official Shift-S3ctor trailer from the June 9th event is out and looking badass. We worked hard all day to get great footage and really hope you enjoy the trailer. Big thanks to Nick Callahan and Matt Riddle they were a big part of the making of this video. Enjoy...
  16. mattzoom

    Alpha 7 GTR 600 AWHP on the streets and the track vs a Mclaren MP4 12C, GTR, ZR1

    Another Speed Society exclusive video is up Enjoy
  17. mattzoom

    Miami Zombie Attack LOL
  18. mattzoom

    This kid is the TRUTHHHH :lol:
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    Speed Society......

    Check out the new web site. Its a video site that just takes all the dopest videos that come out every day.. and puts them on one site. Thoughts?? Pretty stoked about this we have been working on it for awhile.
  20. mattzoom

    Friends mom riding in ZR1 So Funny the faces she makes and her trying to keep her head in the video :lol: