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    close one

    Total loss 200k, what? What was worth 200,000? Or am I missing something, if that's the case could someone elaborate?
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    I Can't Decide. . . .

    That's unfortunate.
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    Rat-Infested Ghost Ship Headed For The UK?

    Lol they just decided to let her go. Awesome.
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    What do I need to beat a Supra?

    You need nos man, one of the big ones! Actually you need two of them, by tonight!!
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    post pics of your truck

    I need wheels.
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    RIP Killermaro

    Ohh wow, RIP
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    Time for a new GPU

    3 free games?!?! dude thats awesome, 130$ value! If you decide to pick up 1 and 2, don't expect them to be like 3 and 4.
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    Got me another car 99 HOSS

    Ehhh I thought about buying an ls1 camaro but 140k miles kind of turned me away, how is yours with the 166k?
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    Mighty Mods Miata

    They also have a custom turbo video for that Miata.
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    Traded riced cobalt in. Got 2 new Fords

    Lol I remember
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    Alabama Army Truck

    I watched this not to long ago, kinda lame :/
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    Car Tunes :angel:
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    How to install a Holley Terminator EFI

    I think if i was going to drop 2k, on efi. I'd just pick up an Ls motor lol.
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    Havent posted in a while. Heres the S14 as of late

    That things pretty awesome man! :thumbsup:
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    post pics of your truck

    Bagged the front, sitting on inner fenderwell, nothin fancy, just shock relocaters, cup/plate kit with 2 viair 400c compressors 5 gal tank