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    what size drill bit for 0 gauge amp wire?

    You used a grommet, right?
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    Thinking about getting back into r/c boats..

    Who here does the aquatic r/c shit? I use to be big into r/c years ago. Went through phases.. started out with 1/10th scale trucks, played with boats and helis, some planes.. We recently bought a camper and permanently placed it on some lake front property at a camp ground... Ive itching...
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    Aquarium noob

    Im still alive. Have room at our new place for up to a 5 footer. My eyes are open.
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    Aquarium noob

    I still need another tank..Im just picky and dont want anything under 150 gallons. LOL
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    Aquarium noob

    Yep, you got it. There is a 150 Gallon tank for sale locally. Tank and stand and thats it....$700 on craigslist. LOL I have recently comes across a 90 gallon that i am just going gaga over. Just dont have the spare cash at the moment. $300 Comes with a brand new light fixture and a new...
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    Aquarium noob

    Was just given the A-OK for a 4ft tank. So sometime soon hopefully, i'll be picking up a 4 footer. Looking for a 90 Gallon or a 120 Gallon, keeping my eye open for a 150 Gallon but those are usually priced way to damn high.
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    Post your desktop June 2013
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    ATV,ORV, etc.

    Just recently got my Fiance into riding. She has been out a few times, i cant keep her off of my 700. LOL Here is our 700 and a 400 that i recently sold. Both KFX's. Shopping for another 700 as soon as i can get enough cash saved up. Been putting all my extra money into the Chevelle.
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    Cichlid show tank

    For treating such diseases, you should isolate the fish to other aquariums or another aquarium other then your main tank and then start treating the disease.
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    Aquarium noob Never tried the LED fixtures but have ran several of the T5HO fixtures from that place with zero problems.
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    Aquarium noob

    Yeah i'll probably end up doing Discus. We had 8 of them in our 90 Gallon high tech planted tank, so im not new to keeping them. Just never really got around to setting up a large show tank for Discus.
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    Home theaters anyone? Here's mine so far

    Incase anyone here is interested.. Ive got a logitech harmony 900 on ebay right now.
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    Aquarium noob

    Aquariums can be cool as shit. Cant make up my mind, not sure if i want to do a Discus show tank or another all male, african tank.
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    Aquarium noob

    This thread should be renamed the General Discussion for Aquariums thread. lol Im shopping for a 180-220/225 gallon tank.
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    Aquarium noob

    Anyone need a new heater? LOL