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  • What up Troy- New to RK thought I would say whats up, seen you around at shows, I used to drive the Camo 300, just bought something new..... I will have Andy Blk240 introduce us in person next time we are around. Like what you guys are doing and glad to be a part of it.

    Hey Troy, I have a question. What time are the Monday Night Meets? I'm planning on making it to them this summer.
    Where is the super secret 300 posts or more info? Thats coming up in a month isnt it?
    Troy, just wondering if you got my pm about the GSTA? let me know, we would really like to get ricekiller involved this year, and years to come.

    I agree, I have thought about it a lot. Shoot me a private message with your number.
    Hey Troy I think we should discuss starting a RKC meet in Duluth!!I think we could get alot of people that would want too attend.Its pretty boring here..ha
    Hey, lets get together asap, good excuse for some food and sauce too. I also need to know what details to tell the models about sunday
    well, there you go then, ...., of course the world's intell agencies've used this 'disinformation' tactic for centuries now.

    but supposaes it were to become all the rage here at rkc, ..., what then?

    had the stuff not been earased i could show you the very place & reason the 'avsp' nomenclature was born, ..., as it'd be appropriate
    well, whatyever, ..., i now see your a civilian &* now merely a mod anyway, ..., seems a shame after all your hard work

    i hope you return as at least regional leader

    but whatever you are happy with
    Well it should be worth 10, unless it goes down as I rep you often. Dunno about the whole rep thing going down for any reason other than neg rep. That is odd, my doesn't. Although Junkie neg reps me so often it goes up and down every other day lol.
    fanx for rep, worth 8 points, ..., someone is deffo messing with the rep systems inner workings, ...., unless its possible to loose points in some fashion other than neg rep?

    i've got a few days on me jack wiv a proper puter, ..., i'm so tempted to 'go for it'
    I don't understand the need they have to flame new members. She puts herself out there though. I'm feeling indifferent to the subject lately. I hate that they flame new members, but at the same time, she has some flack coming. Just not to the scale they take it.
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