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  • I think it's safe to remove Auto Connection from the sponsors list. They went under a year or two ago.
    you still have the 19inch LCD. 800phelps is trying to get that. wants to meat up.
    So, ..., 'something worthwhile' is it then?

    Well, then, lets see, ..., oh, ah, no that wont work, ..., nah that wont work e-ver, ..., kinnel this aint easy, harder than getting to th group page on the phone in fact, ..., hang on, this aint my problem anyways, i'm not at my 'fans' beck and call, ..., they can write their own effing tag lines, ..., besides which tip is all an horrendous case of the 'Larry O's' anyway innit, ..., but one should, perhaps, be graceful and show some decorum and posh even pity for the poor denizens of the fabled lost cities, afterall its not their fault that Texas is so dull that I become of, (even (especially?) fake), interest, ..., they'll have to make do with this '[ s]something worthwhile[ /s] summat MEANWHILE', ..., if 'they' have to alter code to fit in the strike-thru tags then so much the better. ..., that'll learn them, innit, etc
    yey, ..., such is my power that i indeed have tripped you over into double bubble land, ..., pay me back by visiting my profile, ..., i know you know why
    So, 'non-partial' is it then?, ..., I'm fairly partial to the fullest use of 'expanded' language myself, & so this got me finking n'that, ..., as far as the debates about cars favoured here by the collective I'd use the term 'apartial' to describe my own stance. ;)

    p.s. I am disappointed at bb code tags aren't allowed in visitor messages, I find it limits my scope of expression n'that.

    p.p.s. Whilst here I checked out yer burb on google's street view, it placed me looking at the city hall, 'very nice' I thought. I then turned around, ..., what a dump!, ..., & I live in not just the UK, but in the West Midlands, ..., you poor so-&-so, ..., still at least its not Mesquite etc
    hey this is chase idk if you remember me but i was the one that was buying the stickers well great meet
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