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  • this covers some of it. its 47 mins long iirr, ..., it doesnt cover it all

    ultimately its all down to why credit is needed
    why there were changes like putting the labels on the outside of clothes.

    key quotes 'the history of capitalism is one of financial innovation', (HARVEY, ... or summat like that

    i still fink ppl should work less, have less & stay at home & play with their kids, ..., make music, write a novel, make a flash based point n'click game etc

    there aren't any job left they're all being done by robots, GOOD!

    i could talk about this all effing day
    Re money, value and faith. Isn't it the faith of the market in the nation's ability to tax its economy enough to service the debt?
    I'll need to check the buttons again but they seemed readily visible when I gave it the once over. As for your logo, ..., it appears several times, right next to your name, ..., last I saw, it resembled a headshot of an ugly transexual.
    or perhaps you'd like to stump up for having your logo there?, ..., i dunno
    so, ..., now, ..., from my extensive research on the subject i believe i'm now supposaed to ask you whay you fink ov my labours

    but really it seems to me that i should really be asking "what price 'friendship'?" for you logo is one of many now promentantly displyed on a fully sponsored page, ..., water board n'all

    of course perhaps i should go for a more 'clean' or 'shaved' look & disable vm & do away with my 'freinds

    i suppose these nuanced design designs & compromises are what design is all about i suppose, ..., possibly
    4? I count 5, but then I've very poor eyesight. But to answer your question, ..., any really, they'll all do, ..., I prefer that one over there by the fingy myself, its out of the draught n'that. Ironically one gets a decent view of the 'project' sub-forum too.
    You've really never heard of the great ancient Brit institution the 'Carry On ... ' films? Tho I'm well tempted to say 'Dont fib!' & invoke my good friend Larry O, (n''is 'orse, of course), I'll refrain and instead use one of my many many many other catch-phrases and simply proclaim 'For shame! For shame!', ..., they are full of sexual innuendo, double entendre n'that. As for 'project threads', ..., a) Don't fib &/or b) GO & STAND IN THE CORNER! I hope this has cleared your mystification up completely.
    fanx for the rep
    although t'were only worth a measley 5 points to me, ..., poo!

    i assume yopu're familiar with the 'carry on' films?
    if so & given you liked the post, read virtually any of the project threads & you can have a very cheap laugh, ..., i do so with some regularity
    well, ..., your too late to arrest me now, for i'll notbe postimg in the arizon section amyway

    but you're to be disappointed as its moving from that to my new all sponsored look, ..., which'll look fabbo when finished
    btw, imo, your 2+1 arguement offers no real meaningfull explanation of your motives, ..., as if it matters n'that
    re: profile, ..., shoulda seen it before when it was much much much less muted, ..., tho it spent a while completely 'shaved', ..., i even unfriended ppl to get the right 'look', ..., of course the mod views spoilt it a bit

    if i knew what it meant i'd try for a 'hellaflush' look

    either way i've big plans for my profile so keep watching, ..., i'd check regularly if i were you

    lastly, ..., you know i've v dodgy eyesight dont you? do you suppose i p*ss about with the colours to make some point or do you think it more likely that its just coz i'm a very stupid attention whore?
    not too sure at all about these formalised friendship fingies, ..., cant really see the point

    why do you want to be publically associated with me, ...., & seemingly only me?

    also do i want to be publically associated with one who uses the vm in the most odd of ways?

    still, ..., your wish is granted ya effing wierdo ;)
    Howdy is the kinda thing that would get you called a true "Texan."

    I was thinking of ordering you a pair of cowboy boots, and having them shipped to you. lol
    Maybe that should've been 'Howdy'?, ..., or somefin else entirely?, ..., Oh well, too late now I suppose, ..., but then 'there you go', you see, ..., as I like to say.
    Crikey! That time of the month already? MOVING ON, ..., 'Wassup? Dude'
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