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    brett fucked it all up coz i was going to denounce myself as a an imposter used by the plotters to truy & salvage what they could from the failed plot

    i'd carefully put a few errors in the 'diary of the madman' posts that'd've shown it werent me, ..., fat oo few typos for a start

    along the way i could've told the story of jared first car mod too

    & a few uvver fings too, ..., but on the whole probably a good thing it ended when it did as its hard not to argue that its incredibly exclusionary

    your rep power is in the region of 12.15 points btw
    Serious point 4 1ce Obviously the 'what is rice?' vid has aided recruitment & various things done 2 provide 'action' on the board. However the 'action' seems to've distracted the collective from welcoming the noobs over the last day or so. Also, IMO, if its not already bin done, sum research is needed in2 y ppl sign up & in some cases even build their profile/garage & then sum of those even post but v few of even these few join the regular posters. Y do relatively so few ppl stay & what, if anything, can b done 2 encourage them 2 stay? I get the impression that, possibly, the collective is, (or mite appear 2 b), exclusionary in sum fashion, ..., possibly too clique-y, perhaps too much joy in the confusion brought about by all the 'in-jokes', or something. I'm not certain the established posters appear exclusionary btw, its just sumtimes I think I c it, ..., & not just as a reaction 2 my incomprehensible bollocks either. Take care.
    Yeah the whole reping fingy is too troublesome for me, for exactly the reason you describe, as i'm too much of a pedant to do that even tho I want to and the posts that I feel deserve it I only see at night on the phone when rep aint possible. AS FOR the profile fingy i've thee to get the tiled boarders to work but have been hampered by my stupidity but now i only get an hour a day at lib so I may well never master it, ..., oh dear etc.MEANWHILE where is iminhell? I fink the B.R.O might know summat about why he left. Take care.
    fanx for rep, ..., i were worth 13 pts i reckon
    but dammit man your easily pleased if you gave rep for that, ..., i reckon its more a rep wasteage vote in order to allow you to re-rep someone, ..., need a word for such a practice IMO

    you still not found the button eh????????????
    draw a line fron the middle of the vm box to yer bubbles, ..., i reckon you'll pass thru said button, ..., cant say much fairer than that, ..., can i now

    take care
    if memory serves noe of the skins actually lokcks you out of the ability to change skin, ..., so perhaps as a mod that mightn't be that good an idea, ..., pbviously i managed to free myself from whence i did it, ..., but it was ages ago, took ages to do, & i cant remember how i did it
    no its still there, ..., its literally right in front of you, ..., or should be so

    perhaps not if your on an iphone
    it used to be only on my ancient phone but its now on a standard puter screen too
    try different skins &/or different editore interfaces or summat if you really can not see it

    as for my all white shaved look, ..., i had to unfriend ppl & disable vm to get the look i wanted

    its only temporary & i'll return to flaunt my l33t vbulletin skillz afore you soon
    "Oi mate, ya seem to have went an changed ya bloody profile to an all white color. Now I can't find the bloody fingy to type in. Bout time you told me how it's done, innit?"

    well, ..., well done n'that but i'm sorry to tell you that once again you've failed the test

    coloured profiles are those who dont allow themselves to be pushed arround and actually seize the right to define the terms as they wish not as others dictate

    not H Dumpty esq

    p.s. actually the answer to your question is right in front of you anyway if you actually look, ..., perhaps its possible that you've some version issue that hides it but it can, i reckon be overcome with but a little imagination

    actually theres just been a major upgrade here meaning only an hour a day at the library, (boo!), ..., i'll check to see if it still visible

    brb etc
    well, I'm afraid you're going to have to sit thru a whole bunch of imagined exchanges first.

    "no, coz your a rude lil so-&-so & neglected the magic word"

    "oh please please oh kind sir please divulge to me the secrets of the multi-colored profile"

    "you can effing eff right off! Its worse than rudeness that insincere suck uppery, ..., plus you spelt fings incorrectly, ..., kin seps"

    "well how do i go about it then?"

    "wot? ask politely or get the colours?"


    "well you really need to be more clear, dontcha?. OK I'll take pity on you, its not really your fault that you've been cursed by the tainted waters of Mesquite. You ask the question simply, ..., pretend you're a brit, ..., its easy enough, honest"

    "What? You mean something like this.
    Oi chap, ya know them coloUred profiles n'that, ya could'nt tell us how to do 'em could ya, please?"

    "Yes, that would be a perfectly acceptable way of asking, ..., well done"

    Well, thats saved us loads of time, ..., has it not?
    i'm very tempted to say 'coz i hacked the server', ..., but that'd be a lie. its a legitimate facility of the latest vB version, ...., you've just got to know where the button is.

    Suppose I told how it was done, ..., wouldn't that spoil the fun somewhat?

    There is another user who has used the facility, ..., but claims that he cant now undo it coz he's made the button invisible, ..., or so he claims.

    If you really want I'll tell you how its done
    make a habit of it, ..., but not too much of one, no more than once a year is probably best IMO
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