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    Half mile racing compilation I made!

    Here are some of the photos from the event photographer
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    Half mile racing compilation I made!

    Video I made from a previous event!
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    So Cal Unite cars and cofee type meet

    actually every thursday in SD there is a huge meet Saturdays are Cars and coffee in multiple areas the biggest is Irvine and it is once a week
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    1000hp Camaro Burnout The Speedsociety 1000hp Camaro does a Burnout at SEMA
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    End Of The World Prank!
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    Ford GT exhaust! Whipple vs Twin Turbo

    Comparison of two Ford GT exhaust notes! One is a stock Ford GT with a whipple and the other is a Twin Turbo 1200hp Ford GT
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    By far the best party at SEMA 2012

    Just a little fun here lol Hoonigan burnout party at SEMA 2012!!
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    Looper! Go see it

    saw it sunday and loved it but yeah the end kinda sucked lol!!! Also cant wait to see Taken 2 and Then new James Bond movie lol!
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    iPhone5 - September 21st

    i use sprint as well pay for 1 line at 79 bucks a month unlimited everything except phone minutes which is what i use least lol
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    Ride Of the Century ROC 2012 Cops block highway bikes evade

    this is nutsssssss!!!! quote from the video description- "Ride Of the Century ROC 2012 FTP Missouri State Highway Patrol abuse of force on motorcyclists The following video...
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    Rob Dyrdek Camaro delivery to the Fantasy Factory!

    the video got like 25000+ views in a week haha
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    Rob Dyrdek Camaro delivery to the Fantasy Factory!

    Hey guys we delivered Robs car last weekend and slapped this little video together. Was a blast getting to ride around with Rob around the streets of LA. "Speedsociety delivers Rob...
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    Ferrari 458 Spider Runs Over Cop "I was walking around Soho, NYC today when I stumbled upon this Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with a cop writing a ticket next to it. I started to record the situation because I thought it’d make a cool video, little did I know what I was...