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  • it was last week and its right off of 30 by taco casa and whataburger behind that school i was staying with my friend travis in some appartments behind were im talking about its the ones that back up to the 30 service road we were coming back from the qt in mexico when i saw it. doesnt your girl drive a blacked out gt and i saw you from the rode and it looked like you had a lip ring but it was a sexy car
    When was this? I've been in misquite several times recently at a friends town home near Taco Casa
    Got a friend that leaves neer apartments in mesquite and saw a green supra just like yours in a parking lot of town homes next to a clean mustang gt and was wondering if it was you didnt look for tha booger plates but looked just like your car and sounded hella nasty when the guy started it up?
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