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  • Thanks anyway Jas, being no one knew them and they both were over 74 yrs old and lived to the fullest of there lives. I think I will just leave it as is and bereave in my own way, but thanks for being thoughtful of them just the same.

    That sounds great, i normally pass you guys on my way to work, but i just thought it was a younger crowd, never expected it to be RKC! Thankfully i have off tonight, so maybe ill stop by with some people, and no worries, i don't do burnouts anyway, haha.
    Hey, i was told that you meet up at turfway with some people every week ? I have driven by before and noticed, but ive never stopped to take a look. If this is true, i would definatly like to stop by if that's possible?
    Love the tattoo!!! You do your thing and dont listen to any of these haters! remember its like Iamcaddy said Hater=Ricer! lol!
    Dont pay attention to the others, its not worth getting your feelings hurt. I think it is an awesome tat! Way to go! +rep for you!
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