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    offical "whos still here?" thread.

    Sup. I have not logged on since 11-4-13.
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    Mighty Mods Miata

    Them Injun bastards will take everything you own, if you care to gamble it.
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    Mansfield considers crackdown on electronic cigarettes

    I have actually seen hospital employees walking around pulling drags off of their e-cigs at work. Fucking people.
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    Mighty Mods Miata

    I will bet you all the arrowhead drill bits you have, plus your buffalo skin panties, that I am right.
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    Mighty Mods Miata

    What a shitty way to mount a roll bar. It only mounts to four points, and they are all relatively high in the chassis. It is also short as fuck. The Harddog Roll bars are FAR superior.
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    RIP Killermaro

    All hail King Retard of Stupid.
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    meet in september

    Sounds like a big meet.
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    meet in september

    I have been in the 73s, while weighing 235lbs. It looks like the rain will be finished by tomorrow. 82 degrees for the high tomorrow in Caddo Mills.
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    Bought a Civic

    Seafoam, LOL. It is the "bottle of vodka" for the automotive world.
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    Any one good with law?

    It was one of the first mainstream cases I worked after receiving my honorary doctorate in Firearm Debate.
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    RKC Members German Dinner with Adam "Big Show" Tiedens 9/20/13

    A clown does not want to go to a birthday party for clowns, for he would become lost in a sea of rainbow wigs and red noses. No, a clown shall want to be the only clown, for then he is master of the clowning.
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    Modified Movement Car meet Wednesdays

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    Today I Learned...

    Today, possibly, people will learn that Nikki Lauda was not British, as his portrayal in "Rush" would suggest, due to his characters accent, but in stead, he is Austrian.
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    Today I Learned...

    That is possibly untrue. It is like saying that the Austrians invented art because the oldest known piece of art was found there. Having evidence of something does not preclude the invention of said article previously, in fact, it is implausible to think so, and wholly conditional on more...
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    Modified Movement Car meet Wednesdays

    I was at a meet in Texas, not a mile away from my house. I sure the hell would never buy a Dakota.