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  • i stand, (again, in the corner, as has so often been the case), corrected. however, i still wonder about why you get 'picked on' so often. why do you think it might be?
    although i can't be certain, i very strongly suspect that you weren't crucified for your spelling because of your spelling. but i may be wrong, it has been known.
    Firstly I AM NOT WISE nor clever nor owt like that. Nether do my words captivate anyone, most ppl at rkc simply skip my posts. Secondly I've been me for longer than you've been you plus the circumstances of my life have meant i've much time for introspection, ..., plus i've been able to hone this style here over last few years. Besides its more skilled to write well with no ostentation. Plus ppl listen to the content not the form, ..., so thats me fucked then hongu? Third, if you are going to stay, you should perhaps see more of the site? Perhaps you should see more of it to see if you want to stay? Why should you stay? Why do you want to? Do you want to? Have you thought about these fings? If so, why? If not, why not? Lastly, i've run out of stuff to say, ..., do you like the fall? Check the wonders of Mark E Smith and his ever-changing band of minstrels out on pandora, last.fm, we7 or whatever. Take care, cheers stupid
    Yes I saw your name there before when I last ran a 'look at me' scam, but so successfull was it the 'last 10 viewers' list was overwritten 4 times, hooray! But fear not, for your views still increment the counter even if you are but a ghostly presence, ..., so its all good. Sorry about the translation need, you aren't alone in this. I, MOSTLY, try to be exactly as I am in person coz its honest & gives me room to use accents n'that to try & portray if I'm joking or being viciously sarcastic or thinking aloud, ..., or whathaveyou. As a result I've accidentally discovered other stylistic tricks & uses. IMO some ppl, seemingly, aren't really paying attention & possibly dont fully realise what they are doing, so I try to 'help' them, ..., 'what am i doing trying to decypher this idiots tortuous ramblings?', i imagine them saying. But I sense u r already weary of this exchange. C u on the boards n'that, ..., if u r certain u want 2 continue 2 hang around here that is? All the best
    VM = visitor message, which is what this is. Profile page = this page is your profile page with all the info you entered, (location, how you found the site etc), & stuff about your posting history etc. On the right, (or at the bottom if on an ancient phone), is a panel that shows the last ppl to view your profile & the total number of profile views. You've left me VMs without your name going on my list. I'm guessing this is coz you've chosen 'invisible' mode in your options, ..., but I've only just worked this out as a possible explanation. I take an inordinate amount of interest in my profile & its number of views, ..., I do so, basically, to take the piss. It'd take all day to explain how & why I do this, but the current 'sponsored' look of my profile page is to rib Jared about his car & to sketch out my views about 'rice' & the notion of accusations of 'attention whoring' etc, ..., & 2 mock myself & how I live. Dont worry if details of this r obscure 2 u, its my 'way' 2 b oblique.
    Well I'll give you this, you've managed to leave a comment on my VM without getting you name added to the list of ppl who've been to my profile, ..., a rare accomplishment, ..., I'll forgive you providing you agree not to say how you did it. ;)
    Fanx, for yer kind words upon my 'poetry', a bit of a shame it was a comment on a post full of so many, many, ..., many typos, 'wooden hill' not 'women hill' etc. There are threads where people divulge their names, occupations, age etc. Use the search facility and search on 'title only' for 'surname' or 'screen name', 'what do you do', ..., things like that. Or you could just hang out and pick it up as you go along, ..., or ask your bloke, he probaly knows a fair bit. Direct questions in the bar are fairly likely to get joke answers, ..., but i daresay you know that already. TAKE CARE, all the best etc. Cheers, stupid.
    Lol thats what Mikey said, I told him to get pics or he doesn't exist.... Mikey didn't get pics so I'll put you up to the challenge.
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